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The best bets and resources to make you more profitable


Late Night Six-Leg ParlayPlay Entry to Win $1,200, Featuring eSports Value

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I continue to find great value betting on eSports and we are going to be looking to cash this six-leg slip on ParlayPlay. I’m already looking at bets for Thursday’s action on a Wednesday night, which is one of the ways I’m able to find such great value frequently. I am constantly scanning the markets for sharp plays.

ParlayPlay is relatively new, and if you haven’t signed up already, you can do so using code ‘ODDSJAM’ for a $100 deposit match. It’s free money!

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The best bets and resources to make you more profitable

Pick #1: Franklin Sessions Over 11.5 Points

I found this play using the OddsJam Fantasy Optimizer, one of our best tools for daily fantasy sports platforms. This play is sharp because it beats the lines that the rest of the daily fantasy sports platforms have set. Check this out:

ParlayPlay has this line set at 11.5, while PrizePicks and Underdog have it for 12.5. This is what we call finding an edge, as this is an outlier in the rest of the market. Since we are being given the lower total than other platforms, the sharp play here is to take the over.

Every bet I place is either Positive Expected Value, or has an edge like this one. It can definitely be a grind, especially with sportsbooks moving line errors so quickly, but our sharp betting tools at OddsJam make finding these bets incredibly easy.

I used a similar strategy for each of the other plays in this betslip, which is what makes the Fantasy Optimizer so useful. I’m able to create sharp betting slips like this with ease because every pick in green is mathematically profitable.

What I mean by mathematically profitable is, each pick in green is above the required winning threshold at ParlayPlay. In order to be profitable long term at ParlayPlay, you need to be winning your bets more than 53.2% of the time. You’ll notice that each of those bets in green have a higher chance to win than that 53.2% winning threshold. Essentially, each bet you place is higher than the profit margin at ParlayPlay or any other platform.

I am always creating five or six-pick entries on ParlayPlay. For each daily fantasy sports platform, there is a most ideal entry number based on the numbers. I broke down why I am always creating five and six-pick entries on ParlayPlay in this article here.

By learning these strategies yourself, you can become a sharp sports bettor too!

Full Slip:


Worth $2,350

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