OddsJam’s Low Holds Betting Tool identifies betting markets with a small house edge (or vig), often 0%. This is valuable to bettors looking to "churn" through deposit bonuses or move money between bookmakers. For example, if you have to bet $5,000 on a particular sportsbook to receive $1000 free credits, you can use our low holds page to find markets with no risk.

  • Hold is a measure of the house edge or vig on each bet. This is the “tax” that sportsbooks pass along to bettors and how they make their money.
  • Markets on games with little to no hold means that bettors can “churn” bet through requirements on deposit bonuses and other promotions without having to pay the vig to the sportsbooks.
  • A zero hold market occurs when two different sportsbooks have equal and opposite prices on each outcome of a game. For example, in an NFL game between the Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers you could get the Browns moneyline at -115 at DraftKings and the Steelers Moneyline at +115 on FanDuel you can bet on both sides of the game to churn through betting requirements without losing anything to the vig.
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