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How to Use a Bonus Bet Conversion

A bonus bet calculator or bonus bet conversion calculator, determines the rate at which you can turn a bonus bet into cash. As part of many promotions and sign-up bonuses, US and Canadian sportsbooks offer "bonus bets". Bonus bets are different from cash because, if your wager wins, you do not get back your initial stake. Learn more about Bonus Bets in this article, What is a Bonus Bet? Learning how to use a bonus bet calculator will enable you to convert your bonus bets into cash at the highest possible rate. As an example, imagine you have a $100 bonus bet on BetMGM. On the Promo Converter you see an opportunity on the Over/Under 50.5 in the New England Patriots vs Jacksonville Jaguars. If you place that $100 bonus bet on the Over 50.5 at +300 odds you could use this calculator to calculate the size of the hedge bet to make at a different sportsbook. In this case, you would need to place a $220 bet on the Under 50.5 at -275. No matter the outcome you would net $80 (Bonus bet wins = $300 minus $220 hedge bet = $80, hedge bet winds = $80). Most sports bettors aim to get bonus bet conversion percentages over 70%. This means that for a $100 bonus bet, you will be able to earn $70. Inputs Bonus Bet Size: The bonus bet size in dollars Bonus Bet Line: The line at which the bonus is bet (US or decimal) Hedge Line: The line at which the bonus is hedged Outputs Hedge Bet: The dollar amount wagered on the hedge to extract value $ Profit: The profit in real dollars obtained from the bonus bet and hedge % Profit: Dollar profit as percent of bonus notional size.

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