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How to Use an Arbitrage & Hedge Bet Calculator

Hedge bet calculators are critical in sports betting, as they show you how to reduce risk or guarantee a risk free profit (e.g. arbitrage). Arbitrage betting, or hedging a bet for a profit, is a risk-free approach to betting that guarantees a profit. It involves placing proportional bets on every possible outcome of an event (with different bookmakers) so regardless of what happens, you will make a profit. A sports betting arbitrage calculator, or hedge bet calculator, shows you how to hedge a bet for a profit and lock in a risk free return. You can read more about arbitrage betting in the linked blog post above, which contains an example of a profitable hedge bet. Arbitrage exists because bookmakers set their odds independently; in other words, the odds on Fanduel are not the same as the odds on DraftKings. When these odds get "out of sync," arbitrage can exist, which allows you to hedge your bets for a profit. If you enter the Odds for any two-way market in the hedge bet calculator to the left, it will work out if there is an arbitrage opportunity and tell you how much you need to stake in order to guarantee a profit. You input how much money you are willing to wager on one side, and we show you exactly how much you need to bet on the other side to keep your profit constant. It doesn't matter whether you are betting $50 or $500, our arbitrage calculator will show you exactly how much money you will earn with each arbitrage opportunity. If you have questions about this arbitrage calculator or the Arbitrage Betting Tool, feel free to send us an email at [email protected]. Our Arbitrage page has an automatic arbitrage calculator built in, so you can quickly pull up current arbitrage opportunities and determine exactly how much to get on each side before the lines, or odds, change.

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