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This sports betting calculator lets you compare the value of buying or selling half a point in major sports leagues. The half point calculator is used by beginner and advanced sports bettors to find value. Let’s say a sportsbook sets the “total runs” market at -110 odds for over 8 runs and -110 odds for under 8 runs. You may be wondering what the “implied” odds are for over 7.5 runs, and this is exactly what the half point calculator will determine for you. According to the half point calculator, over 7.5 runs should be approximately -129 odds. Thus, if you’re able to find over 7.5 runs at -120 odds on a separate book, then it would be mathematically optimal to bet over 7.5 runs at -120 odds as opposed to over 8 runs at -110 odds. The half point calculator on OddsJam is an invaluable tool because many sportsbooks in the United States offer “alternate” markets for spreads and totals.

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