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How to Use a Hold Calculator

The OddsJam hold calculator shows you the spread between both sides of a game using the best available sportsbook odds. Sports bettors should always be looking to wager on markets with a low hold. Nothing is better than a market with 0 hold, which is referred to as a “pick ‘em” market. An example of a 0 hold market would be +150 moneyline odds on the Broncos on DraftKings sportsbook and -150 moneyline odds for the Kansas Chiefs on FanDuel sportsbook. Hold depends on a variety of factors, such as the betting market. Less wagered on markets, such as KBO (Korean baseball), typically have much higher hold than commonly bet on markets, such as the NBA. This is why making money betting on niche leagues is very difficult for sports bettors. To use the OddsJam hold calculator, simply enter the best possible odds for both sides of the market. For example, if DraftKings is giving the best price on the Boston Celtics moneyline at +120 for a game, and FanDuel is giving the best price on the Golden State Warriors at -125 odds, then you’d enter these two numbers into the calculator. The sports betting calculator will show you that this market currently has a hold of 1%!

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