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How to Use a Parlay Calculator

To use the OddsJam parlay calculator, simply input the odds for each leg of your parlay. The calculator will determine the final odds, or total payout, of your bet. A parlay links multiple bets into one wager with a higher payout. To win a parlay, all legs must win. If even just one of ten legs in a parlay loses, then the parlay will lose. Your parlay payout will continue to increase with more wagers added in. This should make sense - it’s a lot easier to go 1/1 than 10/10 as a sports bettor. As an example, let’s say you initially add two legs into your parlay: Kansas City Chiefs -6.5 point spread +100 odds & New York Yankees moneyline +100 odds. As shown in the parlay calculator, your total payout will be +300 odds. If the Chiefs win by 7+ points and the Yankees win, then you’ll win $300 profit per $100 staked. Let’s say you also decide to add Buffalo Bills +100 moneyline odds as a third leg in your parlay. Now, as shown in the parlay calculator, your total payout is +700 odds. You win $700 profit per $100 staked. If you are curious about the math behind calculating parlay payout, you’ll need to use an odds converter to convert American odds to decimal odds. +100 in American odds, as an example, is equal to 2.0 in decimal odds. To see how a parlay calculator works, you first need to convert the odds from all of your parlay legs into decimal format. Once you convert your odds to decimal format, you simply multiply the decimal odds together to calculate your final parlay odds. Using the example above, Chiefs -6.5 was +100 American odds, and Yankees moneyline was also +100. Both of these are 2.0 in decimal odds. Multiply the numbers together (2.0 x 2.0 = 4.0), and you see that the final payout of your parlay is 4.0 odds in decimal format, which is equivalent to +300 American odds.

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