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About us

OddsJam: Premium Sports Betting News, Video Content & Real-Time Data

Our Story: OddsJam is the leading provider of premium sports betting news and data. OddsJam offers odds comparison for over 100 sportsbooks and publishes 200+ pieces of news on a weekly basis.

OddsJam was started by Alexander Monahan and Ankit Goyal in 2021.

Our Mission: With sports betting tools and news covering every major league, OddsJam brings technology into the sports world. OddsJam aims to provide actionable betting insights to sports fans from around the world.

OddsJam took advantage of the online sports betting industry, which entered the United States in 2018. With so many online sportsbooks legalizing, OddsJam realized that real-time market data (e.g. odds) would be at the core of sports betting products and media.

Noteworthy Aspects

100+ Sportsbooks

OddsJam has real-time data from 100+ online sportsbooks from around the world. All OddsJam data updates in real time, every single second, to give sports bettors the advantage. OddsJam has real-time betting odds data from European, Australian and Canadian bookmakers. OddsJam’s proprietary algorithms are based on real-time data from these bookmakers.

10,000+ Betting Markets

OddsJam covers nearly all markets that sports bettors could ever want to wager on. This includes all major and minor leagues, including the NFL, MLB, NCAAB, NHL, NBA and much more. OddsJam has the most comprehensive data coverage in the sports betting industry.

Our Betting Experts

Mark Knight

Mark is a serial entrepreneur in the sports betting industry. He previously started sports betting businesses in Australia and the U.K., before ultimately founding OddsBoom. OddsJam acquired OddsBoom in June 2022, and Mark leads OddsJam’s product development and international expansion efforts.

Vincenzo Ampolo

Vincenzo loves to build tech start-ups and has been doing it for over 15 years. Prior to OddsJam, he was the founding engineer at Sysdig, director of web engineering at Quid and VP of Engineering at Sirona Medical. He is based in San Francisco and loves betting on soccer, football and college basketball!

Randall Knaak

Randall is a former teacher and was the first employee at OddsJam after being one of the first users of the product. Randall taught for 10 years before joining OddsJam full-time. He has been sports betting for 15 years and is a former top-30 finisher in the Westgate Las Vegas SuperContest.  Randall is now the head of customer success at OddsJam.  He resides in Illinois. 

Kenzie Possee

Kenzie is a seasoned sports editor who runs OddsJam’s written content team that covers betting advice, education, sports news and more. She got her start editing in college, where she served as editor-in-chief of the Daily Bruin at UCLA. Since then, she has held a variety of roles across the industry with a specific focus on the NFL. Prior to joining OddsJam in 2022, she worked for the Action Network, CBS Sports, FOS and NFL Media. She resides in Seattle, Washington.

Zach Silveira

Zach has been a software engineer for over eight years. Zach’s passion is finding the best way to architect frontend components for future use and maximum reusability. He enjoys the challenge of structuring complicated betting tables into the best code possible. He loves finding new ways to write simpler code that everyone on the team can understand.

Rohan Challa

Rohan is a software engineer from Stanford University who has experience working on consumer-facing products. Before OddsJam, Rohan worked at Google as part of the Google Cloud group. He primarily bets on the NBA and NFL but also enjoys tennis and Division III NCAAB.

Nils Backe

Nils is an experienced software developer who just finished his studies at Khoury College of Northeastern University. Nils loves to sports bet and develop software to make people (himself included!) better at sports betting.

Ryan Weinstock

Ryan was an early user of OddsJam and leads the business development team. Prior to joining OddsJam, Ryan spent three years at BlackRock.

Matthew Modi

Matt is a sports betting expert and data analyst. He worked as a data analyst at Red Hat and Tableau before turning his numerical talents to sports betting. Matt is a sharp bettor focused on premium betting content for OddsJam customers. He resides in Denver, Colorado, but is (to his dismay) a diehard Philly sports fan.

Sarah Bierman

Sarah is a former educator. She is a hockey fan and betting expert. She wears many hats for OddsJam and has loved sports her whole life. Sarah enjoys hiking and whale watching. She resides in Washington.

Andrew Cunningham

Andrew is a seasoned sports bettor and sports enthusiast. He worked as a freelance musician in the Indianapolis and St. Louis area as well as a freelance writer before joining. Now, he serves as an editorial and marketing specialist at OddsJam. He resides in St. Louis, Missouri.

Griffin Queen

Griffin is a long-time sports bettor and sports fanatic. Having always been passionate about both the analytical side of sports and the storylines and narratives in the sports world, he now serves as a freelance writer and editor for the OddsJam team. Frequently traveling between coasts, GQ resides in Los Angeles, California. 

Ray Belkora

Ray is a resident sports betting analyst, writer and editor at OddsJam. Ray is finishing up his Sports Journalism degree at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University. While in school, Ray is the president of Inferno Intel, a student-run digital outlet covering ASU sports. He resides in Tempe, Arizona.

Leadership Team

OddsJam’s leadership team comes from data, finance technology, gaming and media. Executives have worked at early-stage tech start-ups, media companies, such as The Daily Mail, and large investment banks, including Morgan Stanley & Cantor Fitzgerald.

Alex Monahan

Alex Monahan is one of the co-founders of OddsJam. He previously worked in the financial world at Susquehanna International Group as a quantitative trader.

Ankit Goyal

Ankit Goyal is one of the co-founders of OddsJam. He previously started Sirona Medical, a healthcare technology company, that raised over $70 million from notable investors. He was also the first employee of Kofa Technologies, which was acquired by Facebook.

Noah Szubski

Noah Szubski is a seasoned executive and advisor with more than 15 years of experience building, operating and monetizing digital businesses at scale across sports betting, news and media and direct-to-consumer verticals. He has driven product growth and revenue maximization while serving as Chief Executive Officer for the Action Network, Chief Product Officer for the Daily Mail and VP, Digital for Playboy.

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