OddsJam is the only offering with sports betting middles and a live data feed to 50+ sportsbooks. OddsJam has the fastest updating odds, so you can find profitable middles before anybody else.

  • A middle is a rare, but free, lottery ticket. Sports betting middles (also called "middlings") are essentially arbitrage opportunities where you also have a slim probability of winning both bets. As an example, imagine over 51.5 points is +104 odds on one bookmaker, and under 52.5 points is +101 odds on a different book. Wager $100 on both sides and you can't lose. If exactly 52 points are scored in this NFL game, both bets will win. Again, this situation would be a free lottery ticket, and you'll be rooting for a rare outcome.
  • OddsJam processes over 1 million odds per minute to find you the select few risk-free middles in real time. OddsJam has the fastest updating odds so you will never miss a profitable bet again.
  • You need 2+ sportsbooks to take advantage of sports betting middles. Want advice on which sportsbooks to sign up with? Email us at contact@oddsjam.com!
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