What is Site Credit in Sports Betting? How Should I Use Site Credit at Sportsbooks?

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Bobby BrunoJune 1, 2022, 12:32 PM

What is Site Credit in Sports Betting?

Site Credit can come in a few different forms. Most likely, Site Credit will come to your account as a reimbursement for a risk-free bet or as part of a promotional signup bonus. Let’s say you’re a new sportsbook user and you’re left with $500 of Site Credit after losing a risk-free bet. How did you get that credit in the first place? Let’s jump into the math on this example:

  • Scenario 1: Hitting your risk free bet
    • Original Cash Stake: $500=, bet at +100
    • Winnings: $500
    • Real Cash Balance: $1,000
    • In this scenario, no site credit is issued.
  • Scenario 2 Losing your Risk Free Bet
    • Original Cash Stake: $500, bet at +100
    • Winnings: $0
    • Real Cash Balance: $0

Site credit applied to your account

  • Non-Withdrawable Site Credit Balance: $500

Can I Withdraw Site Credit?

No! Site credit is non-withdrawable. Meaning you aren’t able to withdraw the balance for cash until you have placed another wager using the site credit (this is called Play Through requirements). As with all promos, it’s important to read the terms before depositing and making your wager. Once you win a bet while using site credit, the winnings from that bet become withdrawable. 

Bonus Tip: Site credit also has an expiration date. Read the Ts&Cs of your promo to find the expiry date.

Here’s an example from FanDuel’s Ts&Cs on their latest risk free bet sign up promo:

How Does Site Credit Differ from Free Bets?

In all categories, Site Credit is a more lucrative promotion for the sports bettor than Free Bets. Although it’s important to keep in mind that in most scenarios, you must risk your own cash balance in order to receive the site credit reimbursement. Whereas, free bets are typically periodic promos given out to users from the book. Free bets are also typically much smaller denominations (typically $10-25). 

The way you’re able to use site credit vs free bets can vary. With free bets you have one chance to wager the full amount of that bet. For example, if you have a $25 free bet promo, you cannot place 5 $5 bets. You’ll only be able to place 1 $25 bet. Site Credit, on the other hand, can be divided up in any increments you choose. In the $500 example above, you could make 50 $10 bets or 5 $25 bets or any other combination. 

The next big difference between the two is how the winnings are paid out. When betting with a free bet, only your winnings get added to your real cash balance. You will not also be reimbursed the free bet stake.  If you are given a $25 free bet to use and hit a wager at -110; your cash balance will increase by $22.73. The $25 free bet stake is not included in the winnings. 

When betting with site credit you will receive your original stake as part of your winnings, in addition to the profits gained by winning the bet. Let’s take the example from above and go into the math on site credit winnings:

  • Original Cash Stake: $500, bet risk free at +100
  • Winnings: $0
  • Real Cash Balance: $0
  • Site credit applied to your account
  • Non-Withdrawable Site Credit Balance: $500
  • Winnings on 10 $50 bets at +100 with a 60% Win Rate: $600
  • Real Cash Balance after using all site credit: $600

While betting with site credit, you have now eclipsed your original investment in this sportsbook. 

How Should I Bet Site Credits from Sportsbooks?

As you can see above, betting with site credit can be a great way to jump start your bankroll with the newest sportsbook you signed up for. It is also important to always keep in mind that you wagered your real money to get the site credit. The site credit balance should certainly not be considered free money. With that in mind, it’s important to have a strategy on maximizing your profits while betting with site credit. 

There are few different options, all of which can be found OddsJam’s Betting Tools section. Low Holds betting is a guaranteed way to convert your site credit to playable and withdrawable cash. However, with this option, you will just break even, not profiting on the wager. Arbitrage betting with site credit allows you to lock in a small profit. Just know, If you plan to arbitrage with a large amount of your site credit, you’ll need a large real cash balance in the other book ready to go. Positive EV betting is certainly the most highest risk/reward option. You will not be guaranteed to convert all of your site credit to cash. However, your winnings are not capped by hedge bets, making this, potentially, the most profitable option.

Let’s breakdown these options and the math behind them:

Low Hold:

  • When you have site credit in your account, the ultimate goal is to convert that balance into withdrawable cash. You can use the Low Holds page to find opportunities where you’re guaranteed to at least break even on the site credit balance. You may not win the side you placed with your site credit, but that’s ok. You’ll still net the balance of your site credit in real, withdrawable cash. As we discussed above, most site credit has an expiry date. Low Holds are perfect to use if you are coming close to that deadline and need to convert the balance ASAP.
  • Explaining the math on Low Holds: As you can see below, the OddsJam low holds page will calculate your guaranteed profits as a result of betting with a site credit.


  • If you have the opportunity, arbitraging will guarantee profit on your site credit balance. If you find your book on the Arbitrage Page, act quickly to lock in that profit. It may take a little while to find the perfect arb opportunity for your book; so be mindful of the expiration date of your credit.  

Note: Be sure to use your site credit on the favorite (eg -155 side), so the side you wager on with real money doesn’t have to be enormous.

Positive Expected Value Betting (+EV)

  • +EV betting has the potential to be the most profitable method of converting your site credit balance. However, with that profitability potential, it also carries the most risk. The best advantage you have here is the volume of +EV bets you can make with your site credit. Let’s go back to the example of $500 in site credit. With that $500, you have the opportunity to spread that into any increments for your +EV bets. Even a 10% ROI on your $500 credit balance will net you more profit ($50) than just about any single arb opportunity you’ll find for that amount. With that positive ROi, you will then end the promotion with more money than you originally deposited. Follow the +EV page to find profitable bets for the sportsbook in which you have the site credit.  

Pro Tip: set your site credit amount as your Kelly Bankroll amount in your Positive EV settings. This will allow OddsJam to calculate the best amount to wager per bet.

As we talk about often here at OddsJam, the more sportsbooks you’re signed up for, the higher the chances of your profitability rising. More sportsbooks equals better odds and also more opportunities to take advantage of promos. Most books are advertising huge money bonuses for new users. These bonuses will help your bankroll tremendously, so be sure to check the overview page for your state to see the latest list of legal books and their sign up bonuses. 

Also, check out what is rollover or playthrough, and we wish you a happy Betting!

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