Getting Started with OddsJam

How Does OddsJam Work?

1. Find the Best Odds

OddsJam shows you which books have the best odds on each game for spreads, moneylines, totals, player props, alternative markets, & more!

2. Visit a Betting Tool

OddsJam has sports betting tools to identify actionable betting opportunities in arbitrage bets, positive expected value bets, free bet conversion, low hold bets, and middles.

3. Speed is key

Odds are constantly changing. The opportunities you see on OddsJam’s betting tools might only be live on sportsbooks briefly. It’s imperative that you know how to navigate the sportsbooks websites or apps to find and place wagers to get the most out of our tools!

Learn about our tools

OddsJam’s best in class suite of betting tools give you the edge as a sports bettor to find the best odds and profitable betting opportunities in real time.

How to use the Positive EV Betting Tool

Some sportsbooks are more sharp than others, resulting in opportunities to identify mispriced odds. We use expected value to identify profitable betting opportunities to take advantage of this.
Expected value (or EV) is a statistical calculation that results in the anticipated value of a bet at some point in the future. It does this by taking the probability of a win times the amount you win and subtracts the probability you lose times the amount you’ll lose.
If the resulting number is positive, it is a mathematically profitable bet. Betting mathematically profitable bets over the long term will make money. Since odds have implied probability, we can use those to calculate the EV of a specific bet.
To read more about this topic read this blog post on how to calculate expected value of sports bets.

The tool shows positive expected value betting opportunities across all sports sorted by the highest expected profit margin of each bet. It uses the OddsJam Perfect Line as a point of comparison to identify the “fair” or “no-vig” odds and identifies profitable mismatches at other sportsbooks.
In the example above, the first half moneyline between the Northern Colorado and South Dakota, we see the OddsJam perfect line is -286 to Northern Colorado and +217 to South Dakota. Using a no-vig calculator we see the “fair” odds are -234.88/+234.88. PointsBet is offering South Dakota moneyline at +275, which makes this a positive EV bet.
If you click on the calculator on the left of the bet, you can calculate the size of the bet you should place based on the Kelly Criterion calculator and your winning percentage based on your odds.
Based on a Kelly multiplier of 1 and the +160 odds, you should wager 4.35% of your bankroll on the South Dakota moneyline.
Keep hitting the refresh button at the top right of the tool to see positive EV betting opportunities in real time.
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How to use the Arbitrage Betting Tool

Arbitrage betting opportunities exist when odds at two different sportsbooks for the same event allow you to bet on both outcomes and lock in a risk free profit. OddsJam’s arbitrage betting tool shows you real-time arbitrage betting opportunities across the sportsbooks in your state. You can even filter by specific sportsbooks to narrow down to the books you like.
The tool shows arbitrage opportunities for all sports and sorts them by the highest percentage of guaranteed profit - which you can see in the first column above. In this example if you bet the 1st Half over 63.5 at BetMGM at +155 and the under 63.5 at Caesars, Barstool, and DraftKings at +112 you can guarantee a profit of 13.62%.
To figure out how much you need to place at each book click on the calculator button on the very left of each betting opportunity.
This will open an arbitrage calculator for this specific bet.

If you place a $100 bet on the over at +155 at BetMGM you’ll then need to place a $120.28 bet on the under at +112 at DraftKings to lock in a risk free profit of $34.72.
This might not sound like much but it is free money and using OddsJam’s Arbitrage Betting Tool you can find opportunities like this at scale and collect your risk free money. Just keep hitting the refresh button at the top right of the tool.
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How to use the Free Bet Converter Betting Tool

Sportsbooks all offer many different promotions resulting in free bets and site credits in the form of deposit bonuses. Using OddsJam’s Free Bet Conversion Tool you can convert these free bets and credits directly into cash.
To learn more about how exactly this works read this blog post on free bet conversions.
The tool displays betting opportunities for all sports sorted by the percentage of your free bet you can convert to cash.
You can typically get at least 75% conversion rates on these opportunities, and oftentimes better. In the example above you can convert 86.21% of your free bet to cash by betting on the total in the Spurs vs Knicks game.
Click the calculator on the left of the betting opportunity to calculate how much you should bet on each side to do this.

If you have a $100 free play, you can bet that free play on the under 191.5 at +750 and a $663.79 hedge bet on the over 119.5 at -770 to lock in a risk free profit of $86.21.
If the under hits, you’ll win $750 (you do not win your stake back in free bets, just profit) minus the $663.79 from the losing bet to leave you $86.21 in actual cash.
If the over hits, you’ll win $86.21 on your hedge bet and your free bet will be lost.
It can be a little difficult to follow the money on these types of bets and sometimes do require a bit of a larger bankroll, but remember you have to look at your portfolio across different sportsbooks. You may “lose” your free bet on one book but you just made $86.21 on another book that you can withdraw right away - that’s the conversion.
View live free bet converter opportunities

How to use the Low-Hold Betting Tool

The Low Hold Betting Tool shows betting markets with zero or small amounts of hold by the sportsbooks. Hold is a measure of the house edge, or vig, on each bet. Bettors can use these bets to bet through minimums on deposit bonuses or matches without having to pay too much in vig.
To learn more how to maximize the value from promotional bonuses them read this blog post on sportsbook deposit bonuses.
In the above example, there is a zero hold market on the first half total in the La Salle vs Fairleigh Dickinson game between BetRivers and DraftKings and BetMGM. You can bet the first half over 68 points at BetRivers at +112 and the first half under 68 points at DraftKings and BetMGM at -112.
Click the calculator on the left of the betting opportunity to calculate how much you should bet on each side to take advantage of this Zero Hold market.

If you bet $100 on the 1H Over 68 at +112 you would need to bet $112.28 on the 1H Under 68 for a net profit of exactly $0. This may seem pointless but this is a very simple way to build up your total amount bet at a sportsbook for play through or bet through requirements, because you did not lose any money. You simply moved it from one sportsbook to another.
No matter the outcome of the bet, you will be paid out the same $212, covering both bets.
Beyond play through requirements, zero hold markets are an easy way to move balances from one sportsbook to another without having to withdraw and depsoit.
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How to use the Middles Betting Tool

A middle bet is a rare type of arbitrage bet where you can win both bets you make. You are rooting for an extremely specific outcome in these bets but they’re like a lottery ticket if it hits.
OddsJam’s Middle Betting Tool shows you middle bets on all sports sorted by profit percentage - which in this case represents the edge of each of the two sportsbooks. But this is only relevant if only one of the bets hits, as you are hoping for the specific outcome where both bets win.
In the example above on the total for the North Carolina vs South Carolina game, you can bet the over 56.5 points at DraftKings at -110 and the under 57.5 points at Fox Bet at +120. This means that if there are exactly 57 points in the game you win both bets.
You can click on the calculator icon to calculate the ideal size of the bets you need to make to maximize profit or minimize loss of any outcome besides the middle occurs.

In the example you would need to make a $100 bet on the under 57.5 and a $115.24 bet on the over 56.5. Because this bet is also a small arbitrage opportunity, no matter the outcome of the event you will guarantee a profit of $4.76. However, if the total lands on exactly 57 points you will win both bets landing a payout of $440 and a net profit of $224.76 ($440 payout minus $215.24 stake).
To learn more check out this blog post on middle bets and strategies for betting middles
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Odds Comparison and Comparing Sportsbook Odds with OddsJam

In addition to OddsJam’s Betting Tools, we provide the most comprehensive and updated odds from the most sportsbooks out there. If you want to place a specific bet, you can use OddsJam’s game pages to find the sportsbook offering you the best odds.
OddsJams offers odd breakdowns for all different types of bets you want to make from moneylines and point spreads to player props and alternative markets - make sure you’re using OddsJam to find the the sportsbook offering you the best odds on your bet.
OddsJam also offers live, in-game odds that refresh every single second so you never miss a good betting opportunity, even during live games. OddsJam’s Live Odds Pass gives you live arbitrage, positive EV, and middle bets during games to give you more profitable betting opportunities than anywhere else.

Real-Time Bet Tracking

In order to get the most out of OddsJam’s incredible suite of betting tools, it is imperative to vigorously track every single bet you make to understand the full value of your betting portfolio across all the different sportsbooks.
OddsJam’s Bet Tracker is here to help. It makes it incredibly easy to track your bets as you place them - just click the + button to the left of each betting opportunity and enter your stake and it’s as easy as that.
OddsJam’s Bet Tracking tool also automatically tracks the closing line value (or CLV) from the sharpest sportsbook in the world. This will give you an idea of how profitable your bet is by seeing if you beat the closing line (i.e. got better odds). Profitable bettors should aim to beat the closing line more than 50% of the time.
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