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Player Prop Madness: Tons of Sharp Bets that I’m On

<p>AP Photos</p>

AP Photos

In this article, I’m just going to be sharing examples of sharp player prop bets that I’ve put my own money on. Again, regardless of whether you use OddsJam or not, I hope my strategy articles have been helpful. My goal is to help make sports bettors more profitable!

I’m a trader and a sports bettor, but I’m definitely not a writer. If anything is confusing, then please reach out to us at [email protected] – we do dozens of sports betting tutorial calls each & every day!

Underdog Fantasy Picks: Two Parlays

I have two parlays on Underdog Fantasy. Each parlay has three NBA picks.

NBA Screen

The first NBA prop I’m on is Tatum o4 assists. I found this play on the OddsJam NBA Screen. As seen in the screenshot above, every sportsbook & PrizePicks has Tatum’s line set at over/under 4.5 assists. We’re getting over 4.0 on Underdog Fantasy, so we push if Tatum has exactly 4 assists. That’s called finding value and finding an edge.

We have 100+ sportsbooks on OddsJam. Treat every book as an independent data point of where the line should be set and hunt for value. That is how you make money sports betting in a mathematical, proven way.

Parlay Bets on Underdog Fantasy

My first three pick parlay on Underdog Fantasy is above. I’m staking $2,000 to win $12,000.

My picks are:

  • Tatum o4.0 Assists
  • Fred VanVleet o5.5 Assists
  • Patrick Williams o3.5 Rebounds
EV Tool

The next three leg parlay I’m on has one pick from the OddsJam Positive EV Tool. A screenshot of the EV Tool is above. I’m on Jarrett Allen over 23.5 P+R+A. Again, as explained in this DFS strategy article, Underdog Fantasy has the implied odds of -122 for 3 pick and 5 pick entries. I’m just looking for value at -122 odds.

Then, I’m on Draymond Green under 9.5 points on Underdog Fantasy. PrizePicks has the line set at 9.0. Both FanDuel & Pointsbet have the line set at 8.5 and juiced towards the under. As a sharp, profitable bettor, I am using all of his market data to make more informed betting decisions.

NBA Odds

Getting Draymond u9.5 points is a ‘no brainer’ considering FanDuel has the u8.5 (a full point worse) at -134. Once again, we found an edge!

There’s nothing complicated going on. There’s no BS. There’s no fluff. I don’t know any coaches. I don’t have inside information. I just follow the data and make money.

In fact, I basically just use two betting tools to make money:

  1. The Odds Screen
  2. The Positive EV Tool

I barely even watch sports, and I’ve profited hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is not necessary to know anything about sports… Making money sports betting requires just one thing: hustle.

Three Leg NBA Parlay

My three leg NBA parlay is above. I’m once again staking $2,000 to win $12,000. My three picks are:

  • Mobley u2.5 Assists
  • Jarrett Allen o22.5 Points + Rebounds
  • Draymond Green u9.5 Points

PrizePicks Betting Guide

I have a bunch more player props on PrizePicks. First, I’m on Lebron u7.5 Assists.

NBA Screen

As seen in the screenshot above (and circled!), Lebron’s line is over/under 7.5 assists on PrizePicks, but Underdog Fantasy (their direct competitor) is at 7.0. Pinnacle sportsbook has Lebron’s over/under set at 6.5 assists. Thus, there’s clear value on the u7.5 on PrizePicks.

My first play on PrizePicks is a six pick Flex Play entry. All of my plays were found on either:

I’m staking $50 to win $1,250 in this six pick Flex Play, and my betslip is below.

PrizePicks Parlay

This first parlay has six NBA picks. Here they are:

  • Trae Young o9.5 Assists
  • Jrue Holiday o2.5 Turnovers
  • DeMar DeRozan o4.5 Assists
  • Tyrese Haliburton u18.5 Points
  • Lebron James u7.5 Assists
  • Mitchell Robinson o0.5 Assists

Again, take your gut out of sports betting. Although Jrue Holiday o2.5 Turnovers may seem like a “random” play, it’s not. I bet this pick because it was Positive EV (e.g. mathematically profitable). It’s really that simple…

Follow the data. You are NOT smarter than the sportsbooks. None of us are. The only rational, logical way to make money is to hunt through the market & look for value, and this is only possible because bookmakers set lines independently. We can hunt down inefficiencies and edges!

My next pick on PrizePicks is an NHL player prop. I have Victor Hedman o2.0 Shots on Goal. This play is from the OddsJam NHL Screen. All other bookies have Hedman’s line set at 2.5 SOG, so there is clear value on the o2.0. I locked it in!

Again, you should be betting on numerous sports. More is merrier in sports betting. This is a critical concept.

I also played Spencer Dinwiddie o4.5 Assists from the EV Tool. Positive EV betting is simple with OddsJam – just place the bet in bold with a circle around it (e.g. Dinwiddie o4.5 Assists @ -119 implied odds on PrizePicks).

NBA Betting Lines on OddsJam

Here is my six pick Flex Play entry on PrizePicks. I’m staking $80 to win $2,000 in this parlay.

  • Tua Tagovailoa o255.5 Passing Yards
  • Kirk Cousins o255.5 Passing Yards
  • Spencer Dinwiddie o4.5 Assists
  • James Harden o9.5 Assists
  • Victor Hedman o2.0 Shots on Goal
  • De’Andre Hunter u1.5 3-Pointers
PrizePicks Parlay

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