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PrizePicks Daily Fantasy App Review- PrizePicks Promo Codes & Sign Up

What is PrizePicks?

PrizePicks is a fantasy sports app under the daily fantasy umbrella that consists of selecting multiple player prob over/unders. Since it’s a daily fantasy game, it is legal in many states that do not yet have legalized sports gambling.

To play PrizePicks contests, simply select the over or under in several statistical player prop categories. The side you select has no impact on potential payouts.

For baseball, you can choose both pitcher and hitter props. Pitching props include strikeouts, total outs recorded, and fantasy score, while some of the featured hitting props are total bases, hits + walks, runs + RBIs, and fantasy score. You can also choose over/under 0.5 runs in the first inning, commonly known as NRFIs/YRFIs (no/yes runs in the first inning). 

Basketball categories include points, assists, rebounds, pts+rebs+asts, 3-pt made, free throws made, blocks, steals, blocks+steals, and turnovers. 

In hockey contests, you can select from goals, assists, shots on goal, points, goalie saves, hits, fantasy score, and if there will be a goal in the game within the first ten minutes. 

Football has props like passing yards, rushing yards, receiving yards, and fantasy score. 

Golf has props such as birdies or better, total strokes in a round, greens in regulation, and fairways hit.

PrizePicks even supports soccer, E-Sports, boxing, motor sports, tennis, and cricket.

What States can I Play PrizePicks in?

PrizePicks is available in 30 of the 50 States, and all of Canada with the exception of Ontario. 

The States where PrizePicks is available are:

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington D.C., Wisconsin, Wyoming.

What is a PrizePicks Power Play?

PrizePicks has two different types of contests, Power Plays and Flex Plays. In a Power Play, you can select between two and four props and all of them must hit for you to win. It doesn’t matter what sports they are, what props you’ve selected or if you’ve chosen the over or the under. If all two, three, or four props are picked correctly, the entry is a winner. 

PrizePicks Power Play Payout Structure

PrizePicks Power Plays have fixed payouts, meaning it’s irrelevant what props or which side of a given prop that you select. 

A key thing to remember with PrizePicks Payouts is that your stake is included in the total payout.

For example, a two-prop entry pays out at a rate of three times the stake. An entry of $100 would win $300, but $100 of that is your original stake so it’s a profit of $200. This means that a 2-prop entry is priced at +200 odds.

A three-prop entry pays out at 5x, or +400 odds, and a four-prop entry is 10x, or +900 odds. Remember, in a Power Play all of your selections must be correct in order to win. Sometimes props are set at over/under whole numbers instead of halves, which opens up the possibility of a push. If a push occurs, the entry reverts back to the payout as if that prop isn’t in the entry to begin with. 

What is a PrizePicks Flex Play?

Flex plays don’t pay out as much if an entry has all correct picks, but in exchange it’s not all or nothing. If you miss one (or even two on a five-prop entry) you aren’t left empty-handed. 

This is a safer option for those who don’t want as high a chance of coming back with nothing, but also doesn’t have the explosive payout potential that the Power Play has. 

PrizePicks Flex Play Payout Structure:

For Flex Plays, you can choose to submit an entry with three to five props. For a three-prop play, hitting all three pays out 2x while two out of three still provides a profit at 1.25x.

In a four-prop flex play, hitting all four pays out 5x while three of four gives out 1.5x.

Finally, for a five-prop flex play hitting all five pays out 10x, four of five doubles your money at 2x, and three of five gives back 0.4x. 

How can I use OddsJam for PrizePicks?

For a full explanation breaking down how to use OddsJam for PrizePicks, watch the following video:

Essentially, a two-prop entry always adding up to +200 odds means that individual props have to beat the no-vig line of -137 to form a mathematically profitable entry. 

Props that meet that criteria will show up on the OddsJam positive expected value page. 

Over time, building two-prop power plays from the OddsJam +EV page will be mathematically profitable.

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