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How “Trusting Your Gut” Is Losing You Money

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We’ve all been there, most of us probably in the first days of our sports betting journey. You log into a sportsbook and start looking at lines. You’ve watched sports from the day you could hold your head up on your own and, heck, maybe you even played some sports. You don’t need anyone’s help, you know what’s going to happen. Then, suddenly, you check back in on your bets and it looks something like this:

This is such a common story for sports bettors. In fact, it’s the very reason OddsJam was created. In the vast majority of cases, the books know way more than you. After all, it is their job to predict these outcomes to make money. That’s why we use the sportsbook’s own data to predict our bets. Let me take you through the most powerful betting tool available on the market.

Positive EV Betting

If you want the super in-depth technical explanation of Positive EV you can check out this article! However, for me, I needed an analogy to finally understand.

You can think of it like using a coupon at a store. The price of batteries may be advertised as a pack for $30, but those “in the know” have the coupon and can get them for $25. This gives them more value for their dollar.

In the same vein – sportsbooks might be showing a line at +110, but the true odds are actually -105. Those “in the know” are aware of the price advantage because of the Positive EV page! This gives you more value for your dollar.

It’s very simple. Head over to the Positive EV page and you’ll see a screen that looks like this:

Notice the “recommended filters” is toggled on. With those filters on, all you have to do is place any bet on this page! Every single bet on this page is considered a “very good, profitable” bet. The Positive EV bets will have a box around them, as pointed out by the arrows.

Betting With an Edge

Once you start betting with Positive EV you’ll now be betting on markets that are mathematically profitable! If the Miami Dolphins +3.5 is listed at +115 on PointsBet but the true odds are +109, why wouldn’t you want that value? Even better, this is a huge indicator that the odds are going to change more, allowing you to beat the closing line value (CLV).

No one can predict every single outcome, and you will have losing days. However, if you trust the data and not your gut, you will be profitable over the long term! James saw a massive spike in his profits once he started trusting the data.

You can see more OddsJam subscribers and their profitable testimonials here. If you have any questions you can email [email protected] and we will be happy to help!


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