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Player Prop Betting: How I Found 20 Profitable Picks

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In this article, I’ll be explaining how I found 20 profitable player prop bets with OddsJam. I have 5 player prop bets on Underdog Fantasy and 15 plays on PrizePicks.

PrizePicks Christmas Promo

As seen in the screenshot above, PrizePicks has a sports betting promo going on right now. It’s pretty simple – bet $500 and you’ll get a “free entry” to win $1,000. Thus, I definitely had an incentivize to find sharp player prop picks on PrizePicks.

If you are new to PrizePicks betting strategy, then I recommend reading this guide. The article breaks down exactly how PrizePicks works.

NBA Parlay: 5 Solid Picks

My first play on PrizePicks is a 5 pick “Flex Play” – this is basically a 5 leg parlay bet.

The first two NBA props I went with are from the OddsJam Positive EV Betting Tool.

I’m on:

  • Max Strus Over 2.5 Made Threes
  • Nikola Vucevic Over 9.5 Rebounds
OddsJam EV Tool

Although it may seem intimidating at first, the OddsJam EV Tool is easy to use. As explained in this strategy article, it’s as simple as placing the bet in bold with a circle around it.

On PrizePicks, we’re getting Nikola Vucevic over 9.5 rebounds at -119 implied odds. As seen in the screenshot above, most sportsbooks are pricing Vucevic over 9.5 rebounds from -125 to -160 odds. Since sportsbooks set lines (or ‘odds’) independently, scanning the market and hunting for value is the easiest way to make money betting on sports.

NBA Odds on OddsJam

Next, I found three picks on the OddsJam NBA Screen. The first play I’m on is Paolo Banchero over 19.5 points on PrizePicks. As seen in the screenshot above, Underdog has Banchero’s point total (e.g. over/under) set at 20.5, and FanDuel sportsbook is at 21.5. Clearly, we’re getting solid value on PrizePicks with over 19.5 points for Palo Banchero.

PrizePicks: 5 Prop Bets

My other two picks from the OddsJam Screen are:

  • Jusuf Nurkic over 13.5 Points
  • Tyrese Haliburton over 18.5 Points

Underdog Fantasy Parlay: 5 NBA/NHL Bets

Next, I have a 5-leg parlay on Underdog Fantasy. My first bet is Kentavious Caldwell-Pope over 9.5 points on Underdog Fantasy.

NBA Bet from OddsJam

As seen in the screenshot above, PrizePicks, as well as every sportsbook, has the point total for Caldwell-Pope set at over/under 10.5 points.

That, my friends, is data-driven sports betting…

  • There’s nothing complicated
  • There’s no BS
  • There’s no scams

OddsJam is all about using real-time market information (e.g. odds) to find plays with an “edge.” Not every bet will win, but you will make money in the long run.

Sharp NHL Bet from OddsJam

Next, I’m on Tre Jones under 4 rebounds. Once again, Underdog Fantasy is an inefficiency in the market. They’re setting his rebounds over/under at 4.0 and every sportsbook has his line at an o/u of 3.5. Thus, there’s clear value on the under 4 rebounds for Tre Jones. I locked it in!

NHL Odds

I also have plays from the OddsJam NHL Screen. As seen in the screenshot above, Mats Zuccarello under 3 Shots on Goal (SOG) is a great betting opportunity. FanDuel, DraftKings and every sportsbook has this line set at an o/u of 2.5. There’s clear value on the under.

Treat every sportsbook as an *independent* data point of where the line should be set, and hunt for value. That’s how you make money betting on sports long-term. When *every* sportsbook is saying the over/under should be at 2.5 Shots on Goal, grabbing u3 on Underdog Fantasy is an absolute ‘no brainer’…

Underdog Fantasy Bets

My final prop bets on Underdog Fantasy are:

  • Thomas Chabot under 3 Shots on Goal
  • Donovan Mitchell over 4 Assists

Both of these picks were also found on the OddsJam Odds Screen.

Five More Sports Betting Picks on PrizePicks

Again, this is a volume game. As a sharp, profitable sports bettor, I want as many profitable wagers as I can find on a daily basis. More = merrier. I’m essentially forming my own portfolio of mathematically profitable (e.g. Positive EV) betting picks.

NBA Odds

My next play is Terry Rozier under 6 Assists on PrizePicks. This play was from the OddsJam NBA Odds Screen. As seen in the screenshot above, all of the sportsbooks are setting Rozier’s over/under at 5.5 Assists, so getting the under 6 is solid value for this sports betting bonus on PrizePicks.

Next, I have two plays from the OddsJam Positive EV Tool. Again, it’s as simple as placing the bet in bold with a circle around it (see screenshot below).

I’m on the following Positive EV (+EV) bets from OddsJam:

  • Luka Doncic Under 8.5 Assists
  • Tyler Herro Under 5.5 Assists

If you’re still confused about Positive EV betting, then here’s a good tutorial video. You can also email us anytime – [email protected] – to schedule a free, one on one sports betting lesson.

Betting Tools on OddsJam

It may seem crazy that I’m not talking about sports at all. The truth is, the sports doesn’t matter at all if you want to make money. It’s all about finding data-driven plays with an “edge” over the bookmaker and dealing with variance. These two betting tools – the OddsJam Screen and the Positive EV Tool – are *literally* how I profited over $400,000 betting on sports.

PrizePicks Flex Play Entry

My final two plays in this PrizePicks flex play entry are:

  • Donovan Mitchell over 24.5 Points
  • Mason Plumlee under 10.5 Rebounds

Both of these NBA bets were found on the OddsJam NBA Screen.

NBA Parlay Bet (5 Picks)

I still have five more NBA props on PrizePicks. My first play is Paolo Banchero under 7 Rebounds on PrizePicks. Once again, PrizePicks has Banchero’s over/under set at 7.0 rebounds, and every sportsbook has the line set at an o/u of 6.5 rebounds. So… we want to take under 7 rebounds for Paolo Banchero on PrizePicks.

NBA Bets from OddsJam

Making money betting on sports is, overall, pretty simple… We’re implementing the same strategy over & over & over.

In my opinion, making money sports betting just requires one thing:

  1. Hustle

People who want to “get rich quick” should not use OddsJam. This product will not make you a millionaire overnight… You need to put in the work to find profitable bets.

My final four picks on PrizePicks were all found on OddsJam. They were all found on either the OddsJam Odds Screen or the Positive EV Tool.

  • Aaron Gordon Over 15.5 Points
  • Damian Lillard Over 26.5 Points
  • P.J. Washington Over 14.5 Points
  • Thomas Chabot Under 3 Shots on Goal
PrizePicks Parlay Betting

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