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NBA Best Bets for Monday 2/5/24

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AP Photos

As the NBA action heats up this Monday, bettors are on the lookout for the best wagers to place. Here’s a breakdown of today’s top bets based on streaks of surpassing their current lines, providing a solid foundation for both betting and fantasy considerations.

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Rebounds & Assists

  • Dejounte Murray (Atlanta): With a line set at 10.5 for rebounds and assists, Murray’s recent average of 13.5 in his last 8 games signals a strong bet. His all-around game makes him a reliable pick to exceed this line once again.

Three Points Made

  • LeBron James (LA Lakers): Surpassing his three-point line of 1.5 with an average of 2.38 threes made over his last 8 games, James offers a valuable betting opportunity, especially considering his role in the Lakers’ offense.

Points & Assists

  • Jalen Johnson (Atlanta): Johnson has been on a tear, surpassing his points and assists line of 19.5 with an average of 24.67 in his last 6 games. His increasing role makes him a strong bet to continue this trend.


  • Draymond Green (Golden State): A defensive stalwart, Green has doubled his blocks line of 0.5, averaging 1.5 blocks over his last 6 games. His defensive presence makes this a solid bet.

Points & Rebounds

  • Kawhi Leonard (LA Clippers): Leonard’s line of 32.5 for points and rebounds looks conservative, given his average of 36.8 in his last 5 games. His consistent scoring and rebounding make this a promising wager.

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Steals & Blocks

  • Paul George (LA Clippers): Excelling in defensive stats, George’s average of 2.8 steals and blocks in his last 5 games easily surpasses the line of 1.5, highlighting a strong bet on his all-around contributions.


  • Cam Thomas (Brooklyn): Thomas has been a scoring machine, with his points line at 24.5 looking too low against his 5-game average of 30.4. His offensive role suggests another high-scoring outing.

Points, Rebounds & Assists

  • Trae Young (Atlanta): Young’s dynamism is underscored by his surpassing the line of 40.5 with an average of 43.2 in his last 5 games. His ability to contribute across the board makes this bet particularly appealing.

Specific Bets to Consider:

  • Jonathan Kuminga‘s Three Points Made: With an average of 1.4 against a line of 0.5 in his last 5 games, Kuminga offers a high-value bet for three-point shooting.
  • Stephen Curry‘s Steals & Blocks: Curry’s defensive contributions have been notable, making the line of 0.5 a low hurdle given his recent performance.
  • Trae Young’s Points & Assists: Given Young’s scoring and playmaking, his combined line offers a strong betting opportunity.

Betting Strategy:

  • Look for Consistency: Players on hot streaks tend to maintain their performance levels, especially in categories they excel in.
  • Consider the Matchups: Even consistent players can be challenged by tough matchups, so consider the opponent’s defensive strengths.
  • Monitor Injury Reports: Player absences can increase opportunities for others, potentially affecting their ability to surpass betting lines.

Today’s slate offers a mix of scoring, defensive, and playmaking bets that cater to various betting preferences. By focusing on players exceeding their lines with consistency, bettors can place wagers with a higher degree of confidence, aiming for profitable outcomes in NBA betting markets.

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