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Risk-Free Profit on Cardinals vs. Braves: Arbitrage Opportunity with Wainwright

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I know the NFL starts tonight but that doesn’t mean we can’t still make money on baseball!

One of my favorite ways to make money for every sport is through arbitrage betting, because if done properly it’s literally risk-free money.

Sportsbooks set odds independently. They all have different odds, and sometimes they make mistakes.

Sometimes these mistakes are so big that you can bet on equal & opposite outcomes on two sportsbooks and make a risk-free profit. That’s arbitrage. You’re essentially day-trading mistakes on sportsbooks to make a risk-free profit.

Here’s an example of an arbitrage bet…

Bet #1: Adam Wainwright Over 5.5 Hits Allowed | -150 at Fliff

Bet #2: Adam Wainwright Under 5.5 Hits Allowed | +168 at Caesars

Here’s a major discrepancy between Fliff and Caesars. Arbitrage opportunities like this are extremely rare across the market considering how many odds are offered.

A tiny percentage of total markets have arbitrage opportunities, but the OddsJam Arbitrage tool can find all of them for you, and shows dozens of opportunities at any given time.

Take a look at the tool below for this example:

As you can see in the screenshot, Fliff and Caesars are each way off from the rest of the market.

Fliff is at -150 for the over, while books like DraftKings are in the -185 range.

Caesars is at +168 for the under, while most are in the +140 range.

Sometimes when I’m on the arbitrage tool, I like to only bet the bigger outlier and roll the dice, treating it as a bet like I’d find on the Positive EV tool.

However in this case, both books are significant outliers so I’m playing it safe and taking my risk-free $11.

Fliff has a max bet size of $250, so I plugged that into the calculator next to the bet on the tool.

The calculator shows to bet $155.47, which I rounded down to $155.

My total stake was $405, and regardless of if he goes over or under I’ll get paid out about $416, making it about $11 in guaranteed profit.

Arbitrage is rare, but OddsJam is updating millions of odds every second to point out these risk-free money opportunities when books’ lines get super out of sync with one another.

If you want to learn more about profitable sports betting, then I recommend this strategy guide. It breaks down the top strategies for making money off the sportsbooks.


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