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FanDuel’s Dinger Tuesday Guide: How to Bet Dinger Tuesday

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What is FanDuel’s Dinger Tuesday?

Dinger Tuesday from FanDuel Sportsbook is one of the most popular promotions in the sports betting world. As the name suggests, it has to do with home runs in Major League Baseball and takes place each Tuesday during the season. 

How Does Dinger Tuesday Work?

To participate in the promotion, bet $25 or more on one player per game to hit a home run on Tuesdays. It’s up to you whether or not you want to participate at all, pick one player from one game, multiple games, or all the games. 

As we’re about to discuss, the promotion is profitable so it is beneficial to bet a player from every game.

Regardless of if the player you selected hits a home run and cashes the 25+ bet, you’ll receive $5 in the form of a free bet for each home run hit in the game.

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The best bets and resources to make you more profitable

Dinger Tuesday Betting Strategies

On average, there are about two home runs per game so that’s $10 per game in free bets. 

If there are 15 games per day on any given Tuesday, that’s an average of $150 in free bets if you bet on a single player to hit a home run for every game on the board.

The bet must fully settle to be eligible for the promotion. Games that are postponed do not count, and the same thing if the player you select to wager on does not start that game.

In each of those instances, you will get your original stake back because the bet will become void.

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The optimal way to participate in Dinger Tuesday is to go to the home run tab in each game on OddsJam. We also have a weekly Dinger Tuesday Picks article outlining the best picks for each game every Tuesday.

Even before that, you can check the positive expected value page on OddsJam to see if there are any home run props on FanDuel there. If not, go to each specific game. 

You’ll see a full table of all the odds for players in that game. Once there, bet on the player that has the largest odds discrepancy in favor of FanDuel when compared to the other books. 

For example, if Manny Machado is in the +230 to +260 range to hit a home run on the other books, but FanDuel’s odds are +300, that’s the player you want to select for that game. 

Hopefully, the picks you’ve selected have won, but either way, once the action wraps up on Tuesday you’ll be credited with your free bet value within 72 hours (usually much faster than that). 

For more on how to best use free bets check out our article on free bet conversion and how to maximize value on free bets.


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