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Esports CS:GO Bets for DGG vs. NutE – Esports Picks & Predictions for October 26, 2022

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OddsJam’s CS:GO esports betting experts take you through the odds, picks and predictions for this CS:GO matchup between the DGG vs. the NutE on October 26, 2022.

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Favorite MoneylineDGG at -1266 odds
Underdog MoneylineNutE at +528 odds
Map HandicapDGG -1.5 at -247 odds
Total MapsUnder 2.5 at -308 odds, Over 2.5 at +197 odds
Start for Date for DGG vs. NutEWednesday, October 26, 2022
Time5:30 a.m. ET / 2:30 a.m. PT

Lines and odds from OddsJam

On October 26, 2022, we have the CS:GO matchup of DGG vs. NutE. We’ll be discussing the top esports betting picks and predictions in this article.

DGG is currently favored at -1266 moneyline odds on the OddsJam Perfect Line, which takes odds from the sharpest sportsbook in the world. The underdog, NutE, is currently priced at +528 moneyline odds.

In terms of the esports betting handicap, DGG -1.5 is currently set at -247 odds. On the other hand, DGG +1.5 is at -5000 odds.

For the “Total Maps” CS:GO betting market, Under 2.5 is at at -308 odds and Over 2.5 is set at +197 odds. Always make sure to compare betting lines on the OddsJam esports Odds Screen and get the best possible odds on all of your esports wagers for DGG vs. NutE.

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  1. Where can I bet on esports & CSGO in DGG vs NutE?

    PrizePicks is the main sportsbook that offers esports betting for DGG vs NutE. They offer the largest selection of markets to bet on. A variety of global sportsbooks also offer esports betting lines.

  2. What markets can I bet on for DGG vs NutE?

    In DGG vs NutE, there are a variety of betting markets on PrizePicks & global sportsbooks for October 26, 2022. The selection includes Moneyline and Total Map bets.

  3. Which sportsbook offers the best odds CS:GO?

    At OddsJam, we always advise browsing odds and line shopping. Find the best possible betting line (e.g. “price”) on all of your CS:GO wagers with the OddsJam esports Odds Screen!

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