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Profitable Sports Betting: Here are a Few Picks I’m On

<p>Sports Betting</p>

Sports Betting

I’ve written a fair amount of articles about profitable sports betting strategy. However, I thought it’d be useful to have articles showing examples of profitable plays that I’ve found and bet with my own money. Let’s dive into some of the plays I found this morning….

PrizePicks: A Profitable Six Leg Parlay (Flex Play)

PrizePicks is a daily fantasy sports (DFS) company, so it’s “technically” not sports betting…

However, as I explain in this article about PrizePicks betting strategy, you can back out the implied odds on PrizePicks and compare the betting lines on this DFS platform to sportsbook odds.

PrizePicks Flex Play Payouts

As seen in the screenshot above, PrizePicks has fixed payouts. If you get 6/6 picks correct in a Flex Play entry, then you get 25x your money. Thus, if you think about, PrizePicks is just a sportsbook that offers parlays with fixed odds.

Here’s one of the first picks I have on PrizePicks: Anfernee Simons o3.5 Made Threes. I found this play on the OddsJam Positive EV Betting Tool.

You can see that PrizePicks has -119 implied odds on Flex Play entries. Thus, as a sharp, profitable sports bettor, we’re simply looking for value at -119 implied odds.

OddsJam Positive EV

You can see that sportsbooks – the ‘sharper’ betting markets – have Anfernee Simons o3.5 Three Pointers at roughly -140 odds (on average). Long story short, we’re getting a lot of value on PrizePicks at -119 implied odds. This is the first pick I included in my PrizePicks Flex Play.

Next, I used the OddsJam NHL Screen to find value on PrizePicks. Check out the play below…

The OddsJam NHL Screen

I was able to get Rasmus Dahlin u3 Shots on Goal (e.g. SOG) on PrizePicks. As seen in the screenshot above, Underdog Fantasy (a PrizePicks competitor) and every sportsbook has Dahlin’s over/under set at 2.5 SOG. Thus, being able to get u3 SOG is incredible value since we “push” as opposed to “lose” if Dahlin has exactly 3 shots on goal.

Another Play on PrizePicks

I’m also on Sam Bennett u3 Shots on Goal. I’m following the exact same strategy as the previous pick. We’re hunting for value (e.g. an “edge”).

Sports betting is not about getting “rich quick” – it’s about finding plays with enough value to beat the vig or juice. Sam Bennett u3 Shots on Goal is another play that clearly has value.

NHL Odds from OddsJam

Here’s another play I’m on in my PrizePicks entry: Drake Batherson u3 Shots on Goal.

Now, you may be wondering… Why aren’t these plays on the OddsJam Positive EV Tool? It’s a good question.

The Positive EV Tool compares lines that are set at the same level. In other words, this play on Drake Batherson u3 Shots on Goal will NOT show up on the Positive EV Tool since PrizePicks has their line set at 3.0, but every sportsbook has his over/under set at 2.5 shots on goal.

The point of every tool on OddsJam is to help make data actionable. There’s millions of betting lines across sportsbooks – you can’t scan every odd on every sportsbook and find value. The OddsJam Screen and each tool (e.g. Middle Bets) are meant to be ‘pointers,’ showing you the rare, few betting opportunities that are actually profitable.

PrizePicks: Six Pick Flex Play

Anyways, here are the six picks I went with on PrizePicks. It’s a Six Pick Flex Play – we are betting $80 to win $2,000. All the hockey plays are from the OddsJam NHL Screen. The NBA pick on Anfernee Simons is from OddsJam Positive EV.

  1. Anfernee Simons o3.5 Made Threes
  2. Rasmus Dahlin u3 Shots on Goal
  3. Tyler Toffoli u3 Shots on Goal
  4. Bryan Rust o2 Shots on Goal
  5. Sam Bennett u3 Shots on Goal
  6. Drake Batherson u3 Shots on Goal

If you are curious about PrizePicks betting strategy, then the video above is pretty helpful. I go through the math behind PrizePicks and their payouts.

WynnBet: A College Football Bet

I say this all the time, but having multiple sportsbook accounts is critical. Since sportsbooks have different odds from one another, one book will not cut it… I recommend getting at least five.

NCAA Football Bet from OddsJam

Although our last play was on PrizePicks, here’s a profitable bet on WynnBet sportsbook. I hit u28 1H Total Points in Holy Cross vs. South Dakota State at +100 odds. This play was found on the OddsJam Positive EV Tool.

After seeing this play was available, I clicked into the odds on OddsJam to view the entire market.

College Football Odds

As you can see in the screenshot above, most sportsbooks have the u27.5 1H Total Points favored. Thus, getting u28 1H Total Points at +100 is incredible value. My betslip is below.

WynnBet CFB Bet

Profitable NFL Bets: How to Find an “Edge”

The final play I went with is Giants +7 on WynnBet sportsbook. I got this play at +105 odds, and no other sportsbook is offering “plus” money.

NFL Odds on OddsJam

My betslip is below. This is one of the biggest NFL bets I have open.

NFL Bets from OddsJam +EV

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