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Can I Make Money on PrizePicks? The Truth About DFS Player Props

PrizePicks and Underdog Fantasy are the two largest fantasy sports (DFS) companies that offer player props. In this betting education article, I’ll be covering exactly how you can make money on these platforms.

Promos on PrizePicks: Taco Tuesday and Flex Friday

PrizePicks offers two main promos on a weekly basis. Sportsbooks offer promos and bonuses like Taco Tuesday & Flex Friday to keep you coming back to their platforms. In this article, the first promotion that we’ll discuss is called “Taco Tuesday.”

How does Taco Tuesday Work on PrizePicks?

Every single Tuesday, PrizePicks will “lower” the betting lines for a variety of players on the board. As an example, if Kevin Durant’s “Player Points” over/under is set at 25.5 points, PrizePicks will “lower” or “discount” this line to, say, 20.5 points. In this case, it would be a “no brainer” to take Durant o20.5 points on PrizePicks.

Taco Tuesday is a highly profitable promotion on PrizePicks, but the maximum bet size is quite low. Most PrizePicks users can only bet $10 to $20 on the “discounted” betting lines.

Can I Make Money with Flex Friday on PrizePicks?

Flex Friday is a pretty straightforward promo on PrizePicks, and it’s super profitable. Basically, you get $20 in “insurance” for a Flex entry. If your first Flex Play loses, then PrizePicks will reimburse you (up to $20). This is just like a risk-free bet on sportsbooks.

How to Find the Best Picks on PrizePicks: Positive EV

The Positive EV Tool is one of the best ways to find value on PrizePicks. This tool is beautiful because there’s no BS – it’s all about finding value, which is all that matters long-term as a sports bettor.

With the Positive EV Tool, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for…

  • NBA Bets
  • NHL Bets
  • NFL Bets
  • etc.

The Positive EV Tool simply finds value in the market by comparing the implied odds on PrizePicks to those on the sportsbooks.

Check out the example above: James Harden o8.5 Assists. This play is Positive EV on PrizePicks. Positive EV bets are bolded and have a circle around them, which makes it easy for new sports bettors to get started.

The implied odds for 5 pick / 6 pick Flex Play entries is roughly -119 on PrizePicks. Looking at the example above, it seems pretty dang good to get Harden over 8.5 Assists at -119 considering no other sportsbook is offering odds better than -130…

I included Harden o8.5 Assists in my “Flex Friday” entry on PrizePicks. Now, I just need 4 or 5 more picks to have a super profitable play for Flex Friday!

Here’s another Positive EV bet I went with for “Flex Fridays” – Keller o0.5 Points. This is an NHL play. As seen in the screenshot above, no other sportsbook is offering better than -139 odds on Keller o0.5 Points. Getting -119 implied odds on PrizePicks is ridiculous value!

Again, what’s beautiful about Positive EV betting is it’s all about the math, data and finding value. Positive EV strips all the “BS” out of sports betting.

The OddsJam Screen: Find Value on PrizePicks!

The OddsJam Screen is another incredible tool for finding value on PrizePicks.

Again, the entire point of OddsJam is to make data actionable. There are 1,000,000+ betting lines updating every second on OddsJam. As a sharp sports bettor, it is very difficult to find profitable bets without software, as betting lines are constantly moving around.

Although the Positive EV Tool lets you compare lines set at the same level (e.g. Harden over/under 8.5 Assists), the OddsJam Screen makes it easy to compare lines set at different levels. Check out the example above… On PrizePicks, we can get Mikael Backlund o2 “Shots on Goal” (SOG) at -119 implied odds. Underdog Fantasy and every sportsbook has Backlunds over/under set at 2.5 Shots on Goal.

Thus, we’re getting ridiculous value on Backlund o2 SOG… This is a play we want to be all over. If Backlund has exactly 2 shots, then we will push on PrizePicks. On the other hand, anybody who played o2.5 SOG will lose.

Picking up these extra half points in value is exactly how you go from being an unprofitable sports bettor to a profitable bettor. Nobody wins every bet – value makes all the difference in the long run in terms of your ROI.

Alex Tuch u3 SOG is another bet I went with on PrizePicks. As you can see, every sportsbook (and Underdog Fantasy) have Tuch’s over/under set a 2.5 SOG. Thus, being able to get under 3 SOG on PrizePicks is highly profitable.

Typically, I use both the OddsJam Screen and the EV Tool to find my entries on PrizePicks. Here’s what I ended up going with on PrizePicks for “Flex Friday” – it’s a 6 pick entry.

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