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WynnBet Sportsbook Review – WynnBet Promo Code

WynnBet Sportsbook Rating: 9.9/10

What is WynnBet Sportsbook’s Sign Up Bonus?

WynnBet Sportsbook currently offers a bet $10 get $200 free sign-up promotion!

Where is WynnBet Sportsbook Legal? 

WynnBet sportsbook is currently available in seven states with legal sports betting: Arizona, Virginia, Michigan, New Jersey, Indiana, Colorado, and Tennessee, Louisiana, and New York. Numerous states plan to legalize mobile sports betting in 2022, and WynnBet will surely continue to enter a variety of these states.

Although WynnBet wasn’t a large sportsbook at the start of 2021, they’ve rapidly expanded into a variety of states and are growing their user base rapidly. Because of their amazing sportsbook rewards program and profitable sign up bonuses, WynnBet is a must-have sportsbook for U.S. bettors.

Is WynnBet Legal in Canada?

WynnBet is currently not legal in Canada. This may change in 2022, however, with changes in Canadian sports betting laws.

What sports can I bet on with WynnBet Sportsbook?

Wynn Sportsbook offers fewer betting options than DraftKings & Fanduel. However, WynnBet still has a variety of leagues and markets for users to bet on. WynnBet has odds for the following leagues: MLB, NCAA Basketball, NBA, Boxing, NCAA Football, NFL, Golf, NHL, UFC, Motor Racing, Soccer, WTA Tennis, and ATP Tennis.

Similar to other major sportsbooks, WynnBet has a variety of markets available for all major sporting leagues, including player props and game props. However, WynnBet is known to offer fewer alternate markets, player props and game props than BetMGM, Fanduel and DraftKings. 

Wynn Sportsbook makes up for having fewer markets by posting odds before other sportsbooks. WynnBet and Fanduel are typically the first two sportsbooks to post odds for the next day’s games.

How to Sign Up for WynnBet Sportsbook

WynnBet has a seamless sign-up flow when creating a new account. To register for WynnBet, a user must submit the following information.

  1. Name
  2. Home Address
  3. Phone Number
  4. Email Address
  5. Last 4 Digits of S.S.N.

Note that all sportsbooks in the United States required users to submit the last four digits of their Social Security Number. It is legally required that sportsbooks collect this information to confirm identity.

All new users must be 21+ and agree to the Terms of Service on WynnBet. New users can register for WynnBet from any location, but bets can only be placed in one of the 7 states where WynnBet is legal.

WynnBet Sportsbook Deposit & Payout Methods

WynnBet offers a variety of common deposit methods: Paypal, Credit Card, Debit Card and ACH payment.

Users can withdraw money from WynnBet directly to their Paypal or bank accounts. Similar to other major sportsbooks, WynnBet payout speeds are surprisingly fast. Most withdrawals are completed within 72 hours.

WynnBet Sportsbook Website & Mobile App

WynnBet sportsbook has both a website and mobile app, so users can bet from their computer or phone. WynnBet actually started out as a mobile only sportsbook. However, as they expanded into a variety of states in 2021, WynnBet decided to finally launch a website for users to place bets from. Some sportsbooks, such as theScore Bet, remain mobile only.

WynnBet has one of the best sports betting mobile apps in the United States. The Wynn sportsbook app is easy to navigate and has a slick interface. The mobile app is available on both the Google Play store and on the Apple App store.

As a note, unlike DraftKings & Fanduel, WynnBet has a different mobile app and web browser for each of the seven states where Wynn is legal. Thus, if you live in Virginia, you’ll need to download the WynnBet Virginia mobile app. You will not be able to place your bets from WynnBet Colorado, as an example. An example of the different WynnBet sportsbook apps is shown in the picture below.

WynnBet Sportsbook Customer Support

The main flaw of WynnBet sportsbook is their mediocre customer support. Although their customer support is not awful, it’s worse than DraftKings, which sets a high bar in terms of customer support for the rest of the sports betting industry. Wynn often has long wait times to speak to a support agent via live chat, which means that it can take 15+ minutes to get a simple question answered.

What is the WynnBet Sportsbook Rewards Program?

Most sportsbooks offer zero loyalty and rewards programs to sports bettors. WynnBet, however, offers three outstanding rewards programs, which is one of the main reasons that this sportsbook stands out. The WynnBet sportsbook rewards program is the best in the industry, which is why all sports bettors should sign up if they’re in a state where Wynn is legal. The two rewards programs on WynnBet are Wynn Rewards, Chips and an exclusive VIP program for high volume sports bettors

Wynn Rewards are loyalty points. The more you bet, the more you earn. As seen in the photo below, this WynnBet account is currently at the “Platinum” Tier and 30,792 credits away from reaching the “Black” Tier. As you bet more on Wynn and advance to new tiers, you’ll get access to more & more benefits, such as free stays at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas.

With Wynn Rewards, you get two benefits: free credit and comp dollars. Free credit can be redeemed for free bets. You can redeem free credits at any point with a 1:1 conversion rate. In other words, if you have 500 in free credits, then you can get a $500 free bet from WynnBet sportsbook. 

Of course, you can convert your free bets into cash risk-free with the Low Holds Free Bet Conversion Tool on OddsJam

Comp dollars can be redeemed for a variety of in-person benefits at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas or the Encore Resort in Boston. You will receive free dinners, free hotel rooms and more with Wynn comp dollars.

WynnBet “Chips” are the second form of reward on WynnBet sportsbook. You will receive chips whenever one of your wagers loses, as well as on your first deposit. Chips can be redeemed for “Spin Wheel” boosts on Wynn. 

The Spin Wheel will give you one of three rewards whenever you place a parlay bet: boosted odds (from 5% to 50%), insurance (e.g. a risk-free bet) or a free trip to Las Vegas (2 day stay at the Wynn Resort). The Spin Wheel is random, so you never know what your reward is going to be until you place your parlay bet.

You can see an example of a WynnBet Spin Wheel profit boost below. The odds on this parlay were boosted from +288 to +316 (10% boost). Because chips were used in this WynnBet parlay, we won $71.88 more in profit. Both of these wagers were found on the OddsJam Positive EV Betting Tool. Parlaying together two positive EV bets is the best way to maximize profit from WynnBet chips.

Finally, WynnBet has a VIP program. DraftKings sportsbook and theScore Bet are the two other major U.S. sportsbooks that offer VIP programs to high volume bettors. If you are granted access to the WynnBet VIP program, then you’ll receive exclusive rewards, including special promos and free tickets to games.

Best of all, WynnBet offers free stays at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas, as well as the Encore Resort in Boston, to high volume sports bettors. If you receive this reward, then you’ll be notified via email, as seen in the picture below.

When Did WynnBet Launch?

WynnBet sportsbook was relatively late to launch in the United States. Other operators, such as DraftKings & Fanduel, had a large head start in the quest to conquer the U.S. sports betting market.

However, since launching in November 2020, WynnBet has rapidly expanded into seven states. As WynnBet has continued to expand, they’ve launched multiple media & sports partnerships. WynnBet is currently partnered with the Memphis Grizzlies, Detroit Pistons, Detroit Lions, and even NASCAR.

Since U.S. states have been moving slowly to legalize sports betting, WynnBet’s late launch has not impacted their market share too much. WynnBet is already approved to launch in New York in early 2022 and will surely be one of the top 5 sportsbooks in the state in terms of revenue.

Sports Betting Promotions on WynnBet

Although WynnBet offers the best sports betting rewards program, their daily odds boosts and promos are lackluster. WynnBet typically offers one or two 3-leg parlay odds boosts each day. Many are not profitable and should be avoided. An example of a WynnBet odds boost is below. If the Cardinals (NFL), Clippers (NBA) and Wizards (NBA) all cover the point spread, then your bet will hit with this cross-sport parlay odds boost on Wynn.

WynnBet also offers weekly sports betting promos, as seen in the picture below. As an example, WynnBet currently offers a promo where you receive a $10 free bet if you have $50 between Monday-Friday of a given week

Do you have to Opt In to Promos on WynnBet Sportsbook?

Yes, to take part in a sports betting promo on WynnBet, you must opt-in. If you do not opt-in, then you will not receive credit.

What are the Biggest Wins on WynnBet?

Below is one of the biggest wins ever on WynnBet sportsbook. A user found this wager on the OddsJam Positive EV Betting Tool.

Is there a maximum bet size on WynnBet Sportsbook?

Although WynnBet sportsbook does not state a maximum bet size, they typically cap bets between $1,000 to $3,000. WynnBet will rarely allow you to bet over $3,000 on a specific wager.

What is a free bet on WynnBet Sportsbook?

Similar to other sportsbooks in the United States, WynnBet offers free bets as a part of sports betting promos and in their loyalty program. A free bet is not the same as a cash wager because you do not receive your stake back if your bet wins. For instance, imagine you place $100 in cash on the Baltimore Ravens to win at +200 odds. If the Ravens win the game, you would get back $300 total with a cash wager ($200 in profit plus $100 stake).  With a free bet, you would only get back $200 total (the profit). You would not get back your stake.

Does WynnBet Sportsbook offer Same Game Parlays (SGPs)?

WynnBet does offer Same Game Parlays (SGPs). However, on WynnBet, Same Game Parlays go under a different name, which is “Build Your Own Bet.” The Build Your Own Bet feature on WynnBet is identical to the Same Game Parlays on DraftKings, Caesars and Fanduel. Same feature, different name.

WynnBet Responsible Gaming

Like all other sportsbooks, WynnBet offers responsible gaming limits. WynnBet allows users to set maximum deposit limits and betting limits to sports betting. WynnBet also offers cool off periods for users who want to take a break from sports gambling.

So… Should You Get WynnBet?

WynnBet is a must-have for sports bettors located in a state where Wynn is legal. This is mainly due to the WynnBet rewards program, which is best in the industry. You do not want to miss out on free stays at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas!

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