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The best bets and resources to make you more profitable

How to Bet on Football Props 2023 – NFL Betting Guide

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When betting on any sport, many bettors like to stick to simple and easy-to-explain bets: moneylines, spreads, game totals, etc. But for an educated sports bettor, sticking to the simple stuff can be limiting, and there’s an entire world of prop bets out there for someone looking to dive into more complex or specific results.

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This is true in the NFL as much as it is in the other major U.S. sports — with the amount of attention given to the NFL throughout the season, and the number of individuals betting on results every week, sportsbooks are highly incentivized to create and post diverse prop bet opportunities for bettors who are looking to branch out from standard results. 

When it comes to the NFL, prop bets are essentially bets on results that are not tied directly to the outcome of a game. They can be anything from player rush totals to team wins throughout a season, to MVP votes; because none of these have fixed results that are either guaranteed one way or the other ahead of time, they’re side wagers outside of the main wagers available on any major sport.

How to Bet on NFL Props

With prop bets being relatively unlimited in their scope, it’s essential to pursue props that are trackable and justifiable through your betting method.

There are fun prop bets that can be based largely on chance (like the results of a coin flip, or whether someone will be voted to the All-Pro team at the end of a season), but the best prop bets are ones that have data backing them up and have positive value on the odds.

By using the tools and line listings available with OddsJam, it’s simple to find the most positive value and the best lines. 

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The best bets and resources to make you more profitable

But a good line is only as good as the quality of the bet. While finding positive value on a line is a huge part of being a successful sports bettor, it’s also very important to track existing results and expected results in order to determine the best available prop bets.

If a running back from your favorite team has never rushed for over 125 yards in his first five years in the league, it’s fair to say that they likely won’t have a major breakout year in their mid to late twenties unless the coaching has changed significantly or there are indications that their role or spot in the depth chart will change.

That means placing a prop bet expecting them to rush for over 125 yards in the first game of the season likely isn’t the best bet or the best utilization of your bankroll. 

Finding the Right NFL Bets

To be a profitable sports bettor, it’s absolutely key to learn to discern the good value bets from the bad value bets, and while there are often times when prop bets can look particularly appetizing (especially in comparison to main bets, like a spread or moneyline), smart bettors know when to dive into the world of props and when to hold off.

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There is so much value in the prop bet world that it’s better to be patient and discerning of the right bets, rather than making the wrong bets in haste.

With the NFL being the weekly dominant sport in the U.S. for a full third of the year, there are always lines to find that have been influenced by team and player popularity, as well as by less educated bettors, and those are the lines that smart bettors can hone in on. Be sure to check out OddsJam’s predictionsparlay picksfirst touchdown scorer picks and player props for each day of NFL action! Plus our weekly props and power rankings.

Places to Bet on the NFL

Most importantly, in order to bet on the NFL you need to be signed up for sportsbooks to be able to actually place some bets! We recommend joining as many sportsbooks as possible to ensure you’re getting the best odds and opportunities every time you place a bet:


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