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Best NFL Picks & Parlays Today – Explaining NFL Parlays Ahead of 2023 Season

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With the NFL offseason fully underway, let’s break down NFL parlays to be prepared for the start of football season this fall!

What is an NFL Parlay?

NFL parlay betting is when you combine multiple bets together to create a higher payout. The catch, though, is that all of these bets must win in order to get that payout.

You can parlay almost any type of bet under the sun: point spreads, moneylines, totals and even some player or game props can be parlayed!

A popular NFL parlay betting strategy is to choose two to four favorites and parlay their moneylines together. This is a way to back the teams that are most likely going to win but do so with more acceptable odds. 

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The best bets and resources to make you more profitable

How to Bet on NFL Picks & Parlays

Luckily, sportsbooks have made this quite simple. The process of betting parlays is the same exact process as placing regular bets. You click the selected bets you would like to place, and then you will see the option to place that bet as a parlay.

What is a Same-Game Parlay?

A same-game parlay is exactly what it sounds like — a parlay of bets for the same individual game. 

So, instead of parlaying bets from different games, a same-game parlay is when bettors combine their favorite bets for one specific game. The concept is the same as a regular parlay in that all bets in the same-game parlay must win in order to get the payout. 

If even one loses, then you lose your entire risked amount. 

OddsJam’s best-in-class suite of betting tools give you the edge as a sports bettor to find the best odds and profitable betting opportunities in real time.

How to Pick the Best NFL Parlay Settings?

Parlays have become insanely popular as sports betting has taken off because people fall in love with the lottery ticket element of parlays. 

Sports betting social media accounts will post winning bet slips of a 20-leg parlay that a sports bettor risked $1 on and profited over $100K. This naturally gets people excited to try and replicate that.

With that being said, you should be careful with parlays. It is an easy way to blow through your bankroll by placing a bunch of parlay bets in hopes that one hits.

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The best practice for placing NFL parlays is to find Positive Expected Value bets and combine them into a parlay — something we can more than help you with here at OddsJam! A +EV bet has a mathematical advantage over the sportsbook, so combining them into a parlay can help your chances of hitting on that lottery ticket. 

Thankfully, OddsJam has you covered when it comes to Positive EV bets. The OddsJam betting software has a page that provides Positive EV betting opportunities. This page also has elaborate filtering capabilities where you can filter specifically for NFL bets on a specific sportsbook that you want to place the parlay on.

OddsJam also has a parlay builder function where you can enter the plays that you want to add to a parlay, and OddsJam will show you which sportsbook will give you the most favorable odds for that parlay.

So, regardless of what you are looking for, OddsJam has you covered for your NFL parlay betting needs for this upcoming season. 


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