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NHL Prop Betting Guide – How to Bet NHL Player Props & Prop Betting Strategies

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How To Bet NHL Props

One of the lesser betting markets today is NHL. Due to popularity in America, hockey is never looked at in the same tier as NBA, NFL or even MLB from a popularity standpoint. However, as a bettor, where there is value, there is opportunity. The NHL offers a unique set of prop bets – many of which are not impacted by the outcome of the hockey game itself. If you are able to understand a few basic trends and analysis within the NHL, there is a good chance to benefit from prop bets. 

Types of NHL Prop Bets

Similar to other major sports, the NHL has a few categories when it comes to prop bets: game, team, and player props. Each of these categories offer a different way to bet specific outcomes to occur during any given game, all while – in some cases – not having to worry about the winner or loser.

What are NHL Game Prop Bets?

Game props pay attention to what happens during the game. This can be any bet from total goals scored in individual periods, to total penalty or power-play minutes. Looking across the slate of games on Draftkings, you can see that there are two distinct categories that you should be aware of – “Game Props (60 Min)” which refers to anything that occurs during the 3 regular periods of a game; and “Game Props” which takes any overtime minutes into consideration for your prop bet.

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What are NHL Team Prop Bets?

Team props offer a bit less than the game props. Team props consist of bets that each individual team is working towards throughout the game. In the NHL, the most common type of team prop bet is team total goals [Over/Under]. Generally, with this prop bet, you can bet on individual teams and their over/under of how many goals they will score.

What are NHL Player Prop Bets?

Player props in the NHL can be very intricate and offer good value if you understand what to look for. You can find common bets such as anytime goalscorer, total points (goals + assists), and even shots on goal. 

Most Popular Types of NHL Props And Player Props

Some of the most popular NHL game props include:

  • Team to score the first goal [Team]
  • Number of power-play goals [Over/Under]
  • Which team will record more penalty minutes? [Team]
  • Both teams to score (throughout game or specific periods) [Yes/No]
  • Double Chance (team wins or ties) [Team]

NHL Team props allow you to bet on outcome such as:

  • Team goals scored [Over/Under]
  • Team shots on goal [Over/Under]

NHL Player prop offerings include:

  • Anytime goalscorer [Player]
  • Player shots on goal [Over/Under]
  • First goalscorer [Player]
  • Player total points (goals + assists) [Over/Under]

NHL All-Star Game Prop Bets

The NHL has an interesting format for their all-star game; each of the four divisions play in a single elimination tournament. As a bettor, this means more games to bet on! However, you must remember that the all-star game is for fun, and that most of the players are not taking the game as seriously as they would regular and postseason games. 

There are various props that include all-star MVP, if there are penalties assessed during the game, and even players to score the most goals in the semi-final or final game of the single elimination tournament. Oftentimes, major sportsbooks will offer promos on bigger events similar to the all-star game or the Stanley cup playoffs, so make sure you are taking a look and taking advantage of some of the bets you believe have the most value.

NHL Prop Betting Strategies

The NHL has a few factors to keep in mind when betting prop bets. The most important is to check lineups for injury and projected starting goalie. The NHL goalie is a very difficult position to play, and if a team does not have their regular starting goalie (or a few of their key rotational players) available, that might be a sign for trouble both from a prop bet perspective and team perspective. 

Paying attention to which players are either on hot or cold streaks is very important as well; you can ride either one of these sides if you are doing the proper research. It is not uncommon to see a specific player have a multiple point streak for multiple games, and the odds on that bet usually will offer great value. Similarly, it is not unheard of to see some of the stars struggle and go scoreless or pointless for long stretches, so make sure you are monitoring this when placing your bets.

Paying attention to team travel is also important. A team traveling across the country or playing on a back-to-back is probably not in the most favorable position, and the props for that game may be a good opportunity to find hidden value.

Don’t forget to compare various sportsbooks lines and prop bet offerings. With the NHL being as variable as it is, there have been instances where you can find a specific prop bet that offers +200 odds on one sportsbook, and +300 odds on another. That is a significant difference that you should keep in mind.

The cardinal rule is to make sure you understand what you are betting. If you do not fully understand the parameters of the prop bet, you should not be betting it. Take the time to do the proper research to avoid any mistakes when scanning through prop bets.


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Should I Bet NHL Prop Bets?

Absolutely! NHL prop bets are just like any other bets. Although the NHL is seen as the least popular sport of the four major sports in America, that does not mean that you cannot place bets and take advantage of some of the prop bets available to you. 

Which Sportsbooks Offer NHL Prop Bets?

All major sportsbooks have plenty of NHL prop bets to offer throughout the regular and postseason. As always, be on the lookout for promotions for NHL bets; they will most likely pick up in frequency come playoff time. Remember to play the prop bets you feel comfortable with, and to manage your bankroll while doing so. Some of the major sportsbooks in Virginia that offer NHL props and promotions include:

  • Draftkings
  • Fanduel
  • BetMGM
  • Caesars Sportsbook
  • Barstool Sportsbooks

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