Padres vs. Dodgers Player Prop Bets Today – August 7, 2022: Hammar This Yu Darvish Over

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Padres vs. Dodgers Betting Odds & Prop Bet

7:08 p.m. ET

Hey now! Welcome to the FOURTEENTH of many strikeout prop columns from yours truly the one and only #KpropKing👑 … Jason Picks👊🏾🤑!

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My boy Yu Darvish is on a mission this season. He’s been eating up innings like nobody’s business. He’s pitched at least six innings in a mind-blowing 13 straight starts and in 18 of his 20 starts this season!

More innings equals more opportunities for strikeouts and Darvish hasn’t disappointed there either. 

Darvish has gone over 6.5 Ks in six of his last seven starts. In his past five starts, he’s been clearing that line easily with an average of 8.4 Ks. He’s no stranger when it comes to facing the Dodgers either,  and he’s handled them with no problem.

In two starts against the Dodgers this season, he’s averaging 8.5 Ks. Going back to last season spanning seven starts, he’s averaging 8.3 Ks against them.

He also has a couple of double-digit strikeout outings against the Dodgers in that span. Darvish has been absolutely lights out, especially against the Dodgers. I expect him to pitch deep enough into this game to hit this K prop with ease. 

The Dodgers have been striking out a LOT lately. They are clocking in with the sixth-MOST Ks over the last 15 days, and the seventh-MOST Ks over the last seven days. In their last three games, they are averaging 9 Ks. Definitely noticing a trend here. 

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When we dig even deeper into the numbers some other interesting K facts pop up. The Dodgers have the fourth-MOST strikeouts on Sundays and the third-MOST strikeouts in night games. They just happen to be facing Yu Darvish today in Sunday Night Baseball! Are you picking up what I’m putting down?! 

So here we go with that lovely JP K prop special that I’m always looking for. A pitcher on a matchup-based upward K trend against a team on a recent upward K trend.

This particular matchup right here checks all those JP K prop boxes that I look for. It’s time to exploit a mismatch. That JP sense that you all know and love is definitely tingling! 

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Soooooo … with ALL that being said, you know exactly what we MUST do! We are going to HAMMER Yu Darvish over 6.5 strikeouts against the Dodgers. At plus-money, it’s just an absolutely incredible value play.

Don’t overthink it, just make it happen. It’s time to put those kiddos to bed and let’s cash this bad boy together! Bye for now! 


Padres vs. Dodgers Prop Bet: Yu Darvish over 6.5 Strikeouts | +110 at FanDuel

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