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MLB Top Pitchers 6/6/24

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AP Photos

Today’s MLB DFS slate features a wealth of pitching options, providing both safe choices for cash games and high-upside picks for GPPs. In this article, we’ll analyze the top pitchers for today’s games, diving deep into their matchups and statistics to explain why they are the best choices for your DFS lineups.

We’ll also highlight a few under-the-radar plays that could offer excellent value.

Top MLB DFS Pitchers

1. Sonny Gray (St. Louis Cardinals vs. Colorado Rockies)

  • Matchup: Sonny Gray faces a Rockies team that struggles significantly on the road.
  • Key Stats: 33.5% K rate, 6.5% BB rate, 3.00 ERA, 2.62 SIERA.
  • Insights:
    • Gray boasts the highest strikeout rate on the slate.
    • His low walk rate and impressive SIERA indicate strong underlying performance.
    • The Rockies have a high strikeout rate and low ISO on the road, making this an ideal matchup for Gray.

2. Tanner Houck (Boston Red Sox vs. Chicago White Sox)

  • Matchup: Houck faces a White Sox team with a high strikeout rate and low power against right-handers.
  • Key Stats: 24.1% K rate, 4.8% BB rate, 1.85 ERA, 3.03 SIERA.
  • Insights:
    • Houck’s ability to limit walks and generate strikeouts makes him a solid choice.
    • The White Sox lineup has been inconsistent, providing a favorable opportunity for Houck to rack up strikeouts.
    • Houck’s recent performance includes multiple starts with 7+ innings, showing his ability to go deep into games.

3. Walker Buehler (Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Pittsburgh Pirates)

  • Matchup: Buehler takes on a Pirates lineup that strikes out frequently against right-handed pitching.
  • Key Stats: 22.9% K rate, 6.7% BB rate, 4.32 ERA, 3.75 SIERA.
  • Insights:
    • The Pirates have one of the highest strikeout rates against right-handed pitchers.
    • Buehler’s increasing pitch count and improving form make him a reliable option.
    • His velocity and control have been consistent, suggesting he’s regaining his pre-injury form.

4. Reynaldo Lopez (Atlanta Braves vs. Washington Nationals)

  • Matchup: Lopez faces a Nationals team with low power numbers against right-handers.
  • Key Stats: 24.3% K rate, 8.8% BB rate, 1.73 ERA, 3.86 SIERA.
  • Insights:
    • Lopez’s high strikeout ability and the Nationals’ struggles against righties make him a high-upside pick.
    • While his walk rate is slightly concerning, his ability to miss bats compensates for it.
    • The Nationals’ low ISO against right-handers makes this a favorable matchup.

5. Pablo Lopez (Minnesota Twins vs. New York Yankees)

  • Matchup: Lopez goes up against a powerful Yankees lineup, making this a challenging but potentially rewarding matchup.
  • Key Stats: 27.1% K rate, 4% BB rate, 4.84 ERA, 3.03 SIERA.
  • Insights:
    • Despite the tough matchup, Lopez’s strikeout potential remains high.
    • His recent performance has seen a slight dip in strikeouts, but his overall ability to limit walks and generate whiffs keeps him in play.
    • Lopez’s ability to limit hard contact could help mitigate the Yankees’ power.

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Under-the-Radar Plays

1. Javier Assad (Chicago Cubs vs. Cincinnati Reds)

  • Matchup: Assad faces a Reds lineup that has struggled against right-handed pitching.
  • Key Stats: 23.2% K rate, 9.9% BB rate, 2.27 ERA, 4.11 SIERA.
  • Insights:
    • Assad has shown average strikeout ability and decent control.
    • The Reds lineup has multiple high strikeout bats and a low ISO, providing a good opportunity for Assad to excel.
    • His mid-tier pricing offers excellent value for DFS players looking to save salary.

2. Mitchell Parker (Washington Nationals vs. Atlanta Braves)

  • Matchup: Parker faces a Braves lineup with power but also a propensity to strike out.
  • Key Stats: 21.3% K rate, 5.9% BB rate, 3.60 ERA, 3.73 SIERA.
  • Insights:
    • Parker’s strikeout ability is average, but he has shown the potential to limit walks.
    • The Braves’ high strikeout rate against lefties makes Parker an intriguing GPP play.
    • His ability to generate ground balls could help him navigate through the Braves’ power hitters.

3. Cal Quantrill (Colorado Rockies vs. St. Louis Cardinals)

  • Matchup: Quantrill faces a Cardinals team with a mix of high strikeout bats and power hitters.
  • Key Stats: 17.8% K rate, 8.9% BB rate, 3.84 ERA, 4.51 SIERA.
  • Insights:
    • Quantrill has a ground ball-heavy approach, which can help limit damage against a powerful Cardinals lineup.
    • His ability to induce weak contact and pitch deep into games makes him a viable punt play.
    • Despite his low strikeout rate, Quantrill’s consistent ability to keep the ball in the park is a plus.


Today’s MLB DFS slate offers a mix of high-upside pitchers and value plays. By focusing on pitchers with strong strikeout rates and favorable matchups, you can build a robust DFS lineup.

Keep an eye on the weather and lineup confirmations as the day progresses to ensure you make the most informed decisions. Good luck!

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