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Making Money on Underdog Fantasy: Examples of Sharp Picks that I’m On

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In this article, I’ll be going through three picks I’m on. All of my picks are on Underdog Fantasy, and I’m betting $100 to win $500 in profit. I’ve been able to find significant value on this platform (e.g. lots of profitable bets).

If you are new to Underdog Fantasy (a PrizePicks competitor), then I recommend reading this betting strategy article. Almost always, it is mathematically optimal to place “3 pick” and “5 pick” entries on Underdog Fantasy. I rarely give out plays that do not have 3 or 5 picks. Two pick entries are a surefire way to lose money on this DFS platform.

An Intro to Underdog Fantasy Betting Strategy

On Underdog Fantasy, you should assume that you’re betting at -122 odds when you are placing a 3 pick entry.

I say this all the time but… Too many people bet on sports before they understand how the “books” try to make money… It makes no sense. Underdog, PrizePicks are trying to make money off YOU, and you’re trying to make money off of these platforms. Thus, if you don’t understand why Underdog Fantasy offers -122 odds on 3 pick entries, then please watch the tutorial video below.

It is critical to understand the payout structure of Underdog Fantasy before you start betting on this platform…

PrizePicks, Underdog Fantasy Explained

Long story short, as a sharp bettor, our goal is to find three profitable plays on Underdog Fantasy. This platform has 10,000+ betting lines at any given time. The entire point of OddsJam is to make this data actionable.

Every betting tool on OddsJam is designed to scan 1,000,000+ odds in real-time and point out value. Again, we just need three sharp picks on Underdog. That’s it. OddsJam hunts for those 0.01% of plays that are actually profitable enough to beat the vigorish (e.g. juice).

Picks #1 and #2 on Underdog Fantasy: NBA Prop Bets

My first bet on Underdog Fantasy is an NBA player prop. This play was found on the OddsJam Positive EV Tool.

If you are new to Positive EV betting, then this article may help. It breaks down exactly how you can make money from Positive EV betting. Long story short, just place the bet in bold and circled (e.g. Dinwiddie o4.5 Assists at -122 odds on Underdog Fantasy). This play has a 1.76% profit margin, as highlighted in the screenshot below.

As crazy as it sounds… it really is that simple. Find three Positive EV picks on Underdog Fantasy, and you’ll have a profitable entry.

I also took Tre Jones under 6.5 Assists. As seen in the screenshot below, this play on Tre Jones has a lower profit margin than our last bet (e.g. 0.49% vs. 1.76%), but it’s still Positive EV. The beauty of sports betting is that these returns are daily….

The stock market returns 8% per year (on average) – that’s 0.02% “edge” or “EV” on a daily basis. We’re getting 0.49% with this play on Tre Jones u6.5 Assists. The profit margin may seem low, but making money sports betting is about consistent gains.

Don’t try to “get rich quick” when betting on sports – that won’t work… Or, if you want to “get rich quick,” then go play the scratch off lottery. OddsJam is all about data-driven plays with an “edge.” You won’t get “rich” overnight, but you’ll make consistent profits and see your bankroll grow month over month. OddsJam is how I profited $400,000 sports betting, all documented and verified…

Pick #3: An NHL Player Prop

We found two profitable bets using the Positive EV Tool – we need one more play to have a mathematically profitable entry on Underdog Fantasy…

There were only two bets on the Positive EV Tool, so now what?

Well, I went over to the OddsJam NHL Screen and hunted for value.

Although the Positive EV Tool is very useful, it only compares lines set at the same level. In the last screenshot, every sportsbook (and Underdog Fantasy) had the Tre Jones “Player Assists” line set at an over/under of 6.5 Assists.

But imagine if Underdog Fantasy had the Tre Jones “Player Assists” line set at 7.5 assists (as opposed to 6.5). For starts, we’d definitely want to bet u7.5 Assists if we bet u6.5 Assists… That just makes sense. Getting u7.5 Assists at -122 odds is of course better than u6.5 Assists at -122 odds.

And that’s where the OddsJam Screen comes into play. The Screen makes it easy to browse odds across the entire betting market for a specific player prop (e.g. Shots on Goal in the NHL).

Alex DeBrincat o3 Shots on Goal (line) is the first play that stood out to me. As you can see, PrizePicks has Alex DeBrincat’s SOG over/under set at 3.5. Every sportsbook also has DeBrincat’s SOG o/u set at 3.5.

We’re clearly getting pretty good value on the over on Underdog Fantasy. If DeBrincat has exactly 3 shots on goal, then our bet will push (not lose). Anybody who bet DeBrincat’s over 3.5 SOG on PrizePicks or a sportsbook will lose if he has 3 exactly shots on goal. So… we found value.

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