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How to Grow Your Bankroll With Positive Expected Value Betting

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When I first started using OddsJam to bet on sports, which was September 2021, my bankroll was $500. My average bet size was roughly between $10-$25. In my literal first week of betting, I profited $289.

Naturally, because of that success, the next week I decided to increase the number of bets I placed. Same bet size, just more volume. The results? $510 in profit. During my third week of betting with OddsJam, I profited $684.

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So, for those of you doing the math at home, on a $500 bankroll, I profited $1,483 in three weeks of positive expected value (+EV) betting. I had legitimately tripled my bankroll in only three weeks! Let’s break down the numbers, looking at daily profits:

  • Total Profit: $1,483
  • Days Betting: 21
  • Daily Profit: $70.62
  • Daily ROI: $70.62 in daily profit / $500 bankroll = 14.12% ROI.

14%!!! That is insane in terms of daily ROI. So, what I decided to do was increase my bankroll from $500 to $750 after those three weeks. After more success, $750 to $1,000, and $1,000 to where it now currently sits at $10K.

Screenshot of my betting history, taken from my OddsJam Bet Tracker

So, thanks to OddsJam, after just over a year of sports betting I was able to 20x my bankroll. With that said, of course, that 14% ROI was going to come down. Unfortunately, it is unrealistic to expect even a 10% daily return.

More realistically, when positive EV betting with OddsJam, the average user earns roughly 3%-5% ROI on a nightly basis. It is hard to fully capture how profitable that is over the course of time, so let me detail this concept, using only 2%, to really drive home the profitability of positive expected value betting, and how you can use that daily profit to increase your bankroll as you are going.

Growing Your Bankroll With Positive Expected Value Betting

Profiting 2% on a daily basis means that you are profiting 60% over the course of a month (using 30 days in a month).

  • 2% profit * 30 days = 60%

Makes sense, right? So in terms of actual dollars profited, let’s back to my $500 bankroll, and use that as the base moving forward.

  • $500 bankroll * 60% profit = $300 profit

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The recommendation here (and something that I wish I did at first) is to take your profit at the end of each month and add that to your existing bankroll. This is the easiest way to decide how much to grow your bankroll on a monthly basis.

So, after just one month of betting, you have increased your bankroll from $500 to $800. Let’s see how month two looks.

  • $800 bankroll * 60% profit = $480 in profit

Let’s round this down to $450 just to keep things in easy with round numbers.

So, if you add that $450 in profit you have now built your bankroll to $1,250. Keep in mind that your bankroll started at $500, so in just two months of +EV betting, you have already more than doubled your starting bankroll.

I’ll go one more month to drill this home.

  • $1250 bankroll * 60% profit = $750 in profit

So, the final recap — after only three months of betting, your bankroll is now $2,000. You have legitimately quadrupled your bankroll after three months, or 90 days. The exciting part is that it only goes up from there. Keep this up for a year and you start to understand just how lucrative this can be.

MonthStarting BankrollMonthly Profit %Monthly ProfitNew Bankroll

The table above neatly sums up the numbers involved in increasing your bankroll over time. Keep in mind that I used the low end of 2% daily returns, and a smaller bankroll of $500, so the majority of users are actually more profitable than this.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this is the average return. Some days you are going to profit over 2%, some days you are, unfortunately, going to be down. But, overall, your daily profits will average out to 2%, or 60% monthly. To learn more about variance, click here.

So, if you take this 60% in profit after each month and add that to your existing bankroll, and you have successfully increased your bankroll, all thanks to +EV betting! 🙂


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