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MLB Top Pitchers 7/6/24

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AP Photos

Welcome to today’s MLB DFS Top Pitchers breakdown! We’re diving into the best pitching options for your lineups, along with a few under-the-radar plays that could provide great value.

Let’s explore the matchups and see why these pitchers stand out for today’s slate.

Top MLB DFS Pitchers

1. Garrett Crochet (Chicago White Sox) – LHP

  • Matchup: vs. Miami Marlins – 4:10 PM EDT – loanDepot park
  • Key Stats:
    • 37.6% K rate vs. LHB
    • 31.9% K rate vs. RHB
    • .269 wOBA vs. LHB, .266 wOBA vs. RHB

Why Crochet is a Top Play: Garrett Crochet has been dominant this season, especially against left-handed batters, with a whopping 37.6% strikeout rate and a minuscule .036 ISO. Even right-handed batters have struggled, managing just a .266 wOBA. His recent performances include double-digit strikeout games and minimal runs allowed, making him a top choice against a Marlins lineup that struggles against left-handed pitching.

2. Taj Bradley (Tampa Bay Rays) – RHP

  • Matchup: vs. Texas Rangers – 4:05 PM EDT – Globe Life Field
  • Key Stats:
    • 33.3% K rate vs. LHB
    • 24.9% K rate vs. RHB
    • .300 wOBA vs. LHB, .355 wOBA vs. RHB

Why Bradley is a Top Play: Taj Bradley brings strikeout upside to the table with his impressive 33.3% K rate against lefties and 24.9% against righties. The Rangers lineup has a mix of power and strikeout potential, making Bradley’s strikeout ability a valuable asset. With recent games featuring double-digit strikeouts, Bradley is a solid choice for DFS lineups.

3. Hunter Greene (Cincinnati Reds) – RHP

  • Matchup: vs. Detroit Tigers – 4:10 PM EDT – Great American Ball Park
  • Key Stats:
    • 32.2% K rate vs. LHB
    • 25.2% K rate vs. RHB
    • .300 wOBA vs. LHB, .350 wOBA vs. RHB

Why Greene is a Top Play: Hunter Greene has shown elite strikeout potential with a 32.2% K rate against lefties and 25.2% against righties. The Tigers lineup is prone to strikeouts, especially against right-handed pitching. Greene’s ability to generate swings and misses makes him a top-tier option, particularly in a favorable home matchup.

Under-the-Radar Plays

1. Andrew Heaney (Texas Rangers) – LHP

  • Matchup: vs. Tampa Bay Rays – 4:05 PM EDT – Globe Life Field
  • Key Stats:
    • 21.7% K rate vs. LHB
    • 23.9% K rate vs. RHB
    • .351 wOBA vs. LHB, .320 wOBA vs. RHB

Why Heaney is a Sleeper: Andrew Heaney’s strikeout ability against both lefties and righties makes him an intriguing under-the-radar option. The Rays lineup has power, but also a high strikeout rate, which Heaney can exploit. His recent performances include strong strikeout numbers, making him a potential value play in DFS lineups.

2. David Peterson (New York Mets) – LHP

  • Matchup: vs. Pittsburgh Pirates – 4:05 PM EDT – PNC Park
  • Key Stats:
    • 28.1% K rate vs. LHB
    • 22.1% K rate vs. RHB
    • .356 wOBA vs. LHB, .350 wOBA vs. RHB

Why Peterson is a Sleeper: David Peterson has shown solid strikeout potential with a 28.1% K rate against lefties and 22.1% against righties. The Pirates lineup has been inconsistent, providing an opportunity for Peterson to capitalize. His ability to generate ground balls and limit power makes him a sneaky play with upside.

Final Thoughts

Today’s MLB DFS slate offers a variety of pitching options, with Garrett Crochet, Taj Bradley, and Hunter Greene standing out as top-tier choices. For those looking for value, Andrew Heaney and David Peterson provide under-the-radar potential.

Consider these insights as you build your lineups and look for those winning combinations!

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