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MLB Top Pitchers 7/5/24

<p>AP Photos</p>

AP Photos

Hey DFS enthusiasts! Today’s MLB slate is packed with exciting matchups and plenty of opportunities to rack up those fantasy points. We’re diving into the top pitchers to target for your DFS lineups.

We’ll also highlight a few under-the-radar options that could give you the edge. Let’s break it down!

Top Pitchers for Today

1. Nestor Cortes (L), Yankees

  • Salary: $8500
  • Matchup: Red Sox @ Yankees
  • Key Stats:
    • K% vs L: 27.5%
    • K% vs R: 23.2%
    • Last 6 games: 31 Ks in 33.3 IP

Why He’s a Top Play: Nestor Cortes has been a strikeout machine, and he’s shown the ability to dominate both lefties and righties. His recent performance against the Braves (7 IP, 7 Ks) and Orioles (6 IP, 6 Ks) underscores his potential. The Red Sox lineup has been inconsistent, providing a prime opportunity for Cortes to shine at Yankee Stadium. His ability to keep the ball on the ground (GB% vs L: 30.9%, vs R: 29.3%) further boosts his appeal.

2. Tanner Houck (R), Red Sox

  • Salary: $9600
  • Matchup: Red Sox @ Yankees
  • Key Stats:
    • K% vs L: 21.1%
    • K% vs R: 24.4%
    • Last 6 games: 36 Ks in 35.5 IP

Why He’s a Top Play: Houck has been solid all season, particularly impressive against right-handed hitters (K% vs R: 24.4%). His ground ball rate against righties (GB% vs R: 55.4%) and the ability to limit power make him a strong contender. Facing a Yankees lineup that can be strikeout-prone, Houck has a good shot at racking up points.

3. Tanner Bibee (R), Guardians

  • Salary: $9200
  • Matchup: Giants @ Guardians
  • Key Stats:
    • K% vs L: 24.7%
    • K% vs R: 27.1%
    • Last 6 games: 47 Ks in 34.2 IP

Why He’s a Top Play: Bibee has been a revelation for the Guardians, boasting high strikeout rates and solid control. His recent dominance (12 Ks vs Mariners) highlights his potential. The Giants’ offense has struggled against righties, making Bibee a prime option for DFS lineups.

4. Max Fried (L), Braves

  • Salary: $9100
  • Matchup: Phillies @ Braves
  • Key Stats:
    • K% vs L: 23.4%
    • K% vs R: 23.6%
    • Last 6 games: 36 Ks in 37.1 IP

Why He’s a Top Play: Fried is an elite lefty who can neutralize both sides of the plate. His ground ball rates (GB% vs L: 62.2%, vs R: 58.5%) are exceptional, reducing the likelihood of big innings. The Phillies have been inconsistent against left-handed pitching, giving Fried a favorable matchup.

5. Luis Castillo (R), Mariners

  • Salary: $8700
  • Matchup: Blue Jays @ Mariners
  • Key Stats:
    • K% vs L: 24.1%
    • K% vs R: 28.1%
    • Last 6 games: 28 Ks in 33.1 IP

Why He’s a Top Play: Castillo’s strikeout potential and control make him a standout option. His ability to miss bats (K% vs R: 28.1%) and handle both lefties and righties gives him a high ceiling. Facing a Blue Jays lineup that can be strikeout-heavy, Castillo is poised for a big performance.

Under-the-Radar Plays

1. Reese Olson (R), Tigers

  • Salary: $7200
  • Matchup: Tigers @ Reds
  • Key Stats:
    • K% vs L: 24.4%
    • K% vs R: 22.0%
    • Last 6 games: 34 Ks in 32.3 IP

Why He’s a Sneaky Play: Olson has quietly put together a strong season, particularly against left-handed hitters. His strikeout ability and recent form (9 Ks vs Angels) make him an intriguing option against a Reds lineup that has struggled at times.

2. Cole Ragans (L), Royals

  • Salary: $8200
  • Matchup: Royals @ Rockies
  • Key Stats:
    • K% vs L: 21.8%
    • K% vs R: 31.3%
    • Last 6 games: 43 Ks in 35.2 IP

Why He’s a Sneaky Play: Ragans’ strikeout rate against righties is elite, and he’s facing a Rockies lineup that has been inconsistent. Despite pitching at Coors Field, Ragans’ ability to miss bats makes him a high-upside, under-the-radar option.

3. Michael Lorenzen (R), Rangers

  • Salary: $6900
  • Matchup: Rays @ Rangers
  • Key Stats:
    • K% vs L: 20.0%
    • K% vs R: 15.1%
    • Last 6 games: 21 Ks in 33.2 IP

Why He’s a Sneaky Play: Lorenzen’s recent form includes a stellar performance against the Marlins (7 Ks). While not a high strikeout pitcher, his ability to limit damage and go deep into games makes him a valuable play, especially at his salary.


There you have it, the top pitching options for today’s MLB DFS slate. Whether you’re looking for high-upside aces or sneaky under-the-radar plays, this list has you covered. Good luck, and may your lineups be profitable!

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