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MLB Top Pitchers 6/23/24

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AP Photos

Welcome to today’s MLB DFS top pitchers article! We’ve analyzed the matchups and dug deep into the statistics to bring you the top pitching options for today’s slate, along with a few under-the-radar plays that could provide excellent value. Let’s dive into the key insights and why these pitchers are top options for your lineups.

Top MLB DFS Pitchers

1. Paul Skenes (Pirates) vs. Rays

  • Key Stats:
    • K%: 33.3% vs. LHB, 35.6% vs. RHB
    • BB%: 4.9% vs. LHB, 4.1% vs. RHB
    • xwOBA: .260 vs. LHB, .272 vs. RHB

Insights: Paul Skenes is a strikeout machine, boasting impressive K rates against both left-handed and right-handed batters. His ability to limit walks and keep hitters off balance makes him a top play today. The Rays lineup, although potent, has several high strikeout bats, providing Skenes with ample opportunities to rack up Ks. PNC Park’s pitcher-friendly dimensions further enhance his value. With his elite strikeout potential and control, Skenes is a must-consider option for today’s slate.

2. Max Fried (Braves) vs. Yankees

  • Key Stats:
    • K%: 23.6% vs. LHB, 24.2% vs. RHB
    • BB%: 9.4% vs. LHB, 6.3% vs. RHB
    • ISO: .125 vs. LHB, .077 vs. RHB

Insights: Max Fried is another elite option, particularly given the Yankees’ struggles against left-handed pitching. Fried’s ability to limit power (ISO of .077 against righties) and his solid strikeout and walk rates make him a reliable choice. Yankee Stadium is not the easiest park for pitchers, but Fried’s skill set and the Yankees’ tendency to strike out against lefties provide a favorable matchup. Expect Fried to deliver a quality start with plenty of strikeouts.

3. Nick Lodolo (Reds) vs. Red Sox

  • Key Stats:
    • K%: 26.7% vs. LHB, 27.0% vs. RHB
    • BB%: 5.3% vs. LHB, 5.8% vs. RHB
    • xwOBA: .293 vs. LHB, .301 vs. RHB

Insights: Nick Lodolo is poised for a strong performance against a Red Sox lineup that has been inconsistent. Lodolo’s strikeout ability is top-notch, and he excels at limiting hard contact. The Great American Ball Park can be tough on pitchers, but Lodolo’s high strikeout potential and ability to control the game make him a top-tier option. His balanced K and BB rates against both sides of the plate make him a reliable DFS play.

Under the Radar Plays

1. Bryce Miller (Mariners) vs. Marlins

  • Key Stats:
    • K%: 19.1% vs. LHB, 26.4% vs. RHB
    • BB%: 7.3% vs. LHB, 4.4% vs. RHB
    • ISO: .223 vs. LHB, .107 vs. RHB

Insights: Bryce Miller is a great under-the-radar option with significant strikeout potential, especially against right-handed hitters. Facing a Marlins lineup that has struggled against right-handed pitching, Miller’s ability to limit walks and induce strikeouts puts him in a strong position. While he has shown some vulnerability to left-handed power, his matchup against a predominantly right-handed Marlins lineup bodes well for his performance. Look for Miller to be a sneaky good play with upside.

2. Jonathan Cannon (White Sox) vs. Tigers

  • Key Stats:
    • K%: 21.0% vs. LHB, 20.8% vs. RHB
    • BB%: 4.8% vs. LHB, 4.2% vs. RHB
    • xwOBA: .359 vs. LHB, .238 vs. RHB

Insights: Jonathan Cannon is another under-the-radar play worth considering. Facing a Tigers lineup that has struggled against right-handed pitching, Cannon’s control (low BB rates) and ability to limit right-handed hitters make him a viable option. The Tigers have shown some power against righties, but Cannon’s ability to keep the ball in the park and limit damage makes him a solid, low-ownership play.


Today’s MLB DFS slate offers several intriguing pitching options, with Paul Skenes, Max Fried, and Nick Lodolo leading the way. Don’t overlook the potential of under-the-radar plays like Bryce Miller and Jonathan Cannon, who could provide significant value and help differentiate your lineups. Good luck, and may your lineups be filled with strikeouts and quality starts!

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