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MLB Top Hitters 7/7/24

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Welcome to today’s MLB DFS Top Hitters preview! With a full slate of games, there are plenty of opportunities to find the best hitters to maximize your DFS lineup.

We’ll break down the top three hitters to target and provide insights into two under-the-radar plays that could give you an edge. Let’s dive in!

Top 3 DFS Hitters for Today

1. Francisco Lindor (SS, New York Mets)

  • Matchup: vs. Luis Ortiz (Pittsburgh Pirates)
  • Stats vs. RHP:
    • PA: 773
    • K%: 20.7%
    • BB%: 9.3%
    • ISO: .179
    • xwOBA: .337

Why He’s a Top Play: Lindor is in a prime spot against Luis Ortiz, who has struggled against left-handed hitters, allowing a .376 wOBA. Lindor’s ability to hit for power and get on base makes him an excellent option. His .179 ISO and .337 xwOBA against righties show he’s capable of delivering big fantasy points, especially in a favorable matchup like this.

2. Austin Riley (3B, Atlanta Braves)

  • Matchup: vs. Michael Mercado (Philadelphia Phillies)
  • Stats vs. RHP:
    • PA: 784
    • K%: 24.4%
    • BB%: 7.4%
    • ISO: .209
    • xwOBA: .359

Why He’s a Top Play: Riley has been a consistent power threat for the Braves, and today he faces Michael Mercado, a pitcher with limited MLB experience and a high xFIP in Triple-A. Riley’s .209 ISO and .359 xwOBA against right-handers highlight his power potential. With the Braves’ offense clicking, Riley is a must-play in this matchup.

3. Willson Contreras (C, St. Louis Cardinals)

  • Matchup: vs. DJ Herz (Washington Nationals)
  • Stats vs. LHP:
    • PA: 166
    • K%: 22.9%
    • BB%: 13.9%
    • ISO: .254
    • xwOBA: .404

Why He’s a Top Play: Contreras has been crushing lefties this season, boasting a .254 ISO and a .404 xwOBA. Against DJ Herz, who has struggled with control and consistency, Contreras is poised for a big day. His power and plate discipline make him a top catcher option for today’s slate.

Under-the-Radar Plays

1. LaMonte Wade Jr. (1B, San Francisco Giants)

  • Matchup: vs. Carlos Carrasco (Cleveland Guardians)
  • Stats vs. RHP:
    • PA: 607
    • K%: 19.1%
    • BB%: 16.3%
    • ISO: .157
    • xwOBA: .384

Why He’s a Sneaky Play: Wade has been a solid contributor against right-handed pitching, with a high walk rate and respectable power numbers. Carrasco’s struggles against lefties and Wade’s ability to get on base and hit for power make him a great value play.

2. Riley Greene (OF, Detroit Tigers)

  • Matchup: vs. Graham Ashcraft (Cincinnati Reds)
  • Stats vs. RHP:
    • PA: 608
    • K%: 26.3%
    • BB%: 11.3%
    • ISO: .214
    • xwOBA: .379

Why He’s a Sneaky Play: Greene faces Graham Ashcraft, a pitcher with significant reverse splits, making him vulnerable to right-handed batters. Greene’s .214 ISO and .379 xwOBA against righties suggest he has the potential to deliver a big performance, especially in the hitter-friendly environment of Great American Ball Park.

Key Insights on Matchups

  • New York Mets vs. Pittsburgh Pirates: The Mets’ offense has been strong against righties, and facing Luis Ortiz gives hitters like Francisco Lindor a favorable opportunity to excel. Ortiz’s struggles with left-handed hitters make Mets lefties prime targets.
  • Atlanta Braves vs. Philadelphia Phillies: The Braves are in a great spot against Michael Mercado, a young pitcher with limited MLB experience. Austin Riley and the Braves’ offense should capitalize on this matchup, with Riley being a key power hitter to target.
  • St. Louis Cardinals vs. Washington Nationals: DJ Herz has struggled with consistency, making him a target for power hitters like Willson Contreras. The Cardinals’ right-handed bats should have a significant advantage in this matchup.
  • San Francisco Giants vs. Cleveland Guardians: Carlos Carrasco has been hittable, especially against left-handed hitters. LaMonte Wade Jr. offers solid value with his ability to get on base and hit for power.
  • Detroit Tigers vs. Cincinnati Reds: Graham Ashcraft’s reverse splits make him a favorable target for right-handed hitters. Riley Greene stands out as a strong under-the-radar play with his power potential.

Good luck with your DFS lineups today! Stay tuned for more insights and top stacks as we break down the best plays for the evening games.

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