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MLB Best Bets Friday 7/5/24

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Hey everyone, welcome to today’s breakdown of the MLB slate! We’re diving into the top matchups and giving you our best bets for today’s games. Let’s maximize your betting and fantasy picks with some insights that will help you make the most informed decisions.

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Top 5 MLB Best Bets for Today

1. New York Mets vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

Suggested Bet: Mets Money Line (+105)

  • Pitching Matchup: Luis Severino (Mets) vs. Paul Skenes (Pirates)
  • Key Insights:
    • Luis Severino: Having a solid bounce-back year with a 3.42 ERA. He’s been reliable on the road with a 4.19 ERA.
    • Paul Skenes: Phenomenal season with a 2.06 ERA but shows signs of regression, especially against right-handed hitters with a high home run rate.
    • Mets Offense: Expected to bounce back after a shutout, featuring a top 10 offense in runs scored.
    • Pirates Offense: Struggling with consistency, ranked 25th in runs scored.
  • Why This Bet? Severino’s consistency and the Mets’ offensive potential give them the edge against a Pirates team that’s overperforming with Skenes on the mound.

2. St. Louis Cardinals vs. Washington Nationals

Suggested Bet: Under 9 Runs

  • Pitching Matchup: Sonny Gray (Cardinals) vs. Patrick Corbin (Nationals)
  • Key Insights:
    • Sonny Gray: Stellar season with a 2.98 ERA. Stronger at home, but still reliable on the road.
    • Patrick Corbin: Struggling with a 5.49 ERA but has shown improvement in his last few starts.
    • Offensive Struggles: Both teams have been inconsistent at the plate, especially the Nationals who are 26th in runs scored.
  • Why This Bet? With two solid pitchers and inconsistent offenses, the under 9 runs is a strong play here.

3. Houston Astros vs. Minnesota Twins

Suggested Bet: Astros Money Line (+124)

  • Pitching Matchup: Shawn Dubin (Astros) vs. Pablo Lopez (Twins)
  • Key Insights:
    • Shawn Dubin: Coming off a strong debut with no hits allowed in over three innings.
    • Pablo Lopez: Strong recent performances but against weaker offensive teams.
    • Astros Offense: Leading the league in batting average and slugging percentage, showing strong form recently.
    • Twins Offense: Solid, but Lopez’s recent success might not hold against the powerful Astros lineup.
  • Why This Bet? The Astros’ offensive power and Dubin’s promising start make them a good value bet against Lopez and the Twins.

4. San Diego Padres vs. Arizona Diamondbacks

Suggested Bet: Over 8.5 Runs

  • Pitching Matchup: Randy Vasquez (Padres) vs. Slade Cecconi (Diamondbacks)
  • Key Insights:
    • Randy Vasquez: Inconsistent with a 4.88 ERA, struggles on the road.
    • Slade Cecconi: High ERA and prone to giving up home runs.
    • Offensive Potential: Both teams have potent offenses capable of putting up big numbers, especially in hitter-friendly environments.
  • Why This Bet? Both pitchers have struggled, and the offenses are capable of taking advantage, making the over 8.5 runs a strong pick.

5. Baltimore Orioles vs. Oakland Athletics

Suggested Bet: Orioles Money Line (-190)

  • Pitching Matchup: Albert Suarez (Orioles) vs. Hogan Harris (Athletics)
  • Key Insights:
    • Albert Suarez: Reliable with a 2.43 ERA, coming off a strong start against the Rangers.
    • Hogan Harris: Struggling with consistency and giving up a lot of hits.
    • Orioles Offense: Best in the league in runs scored and slugging percentage.
    • Athletics Offense: Ranked 28th in runs scored, struggling to produce consistently.
  • Why This Bet? The Orioles have the superior pitcher and offense, making them the safer bet against a struggling A’s team.


These are our top 5 MLB best bets for today’s slate. Remember to stay informed, check the latest odds on Oddsjam, and bet responsibly. Let’s make the most of today’s games and cash in on these picks!

Good luck, and happy betting!

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