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By estimating a bet’s probability to win and its payout, our algorithm can determine the “expected value” or “EV” of a bet. While you may not win every time, consistently placing +EV bets will lead to long-term profitability.

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Domestic + Global Sportsbooks

Bet on sports from around the globe with our comprehensive sportsbook coverage. With hundreds of sportsbooks analyzed for Positive EV bets, you'll be able to bet more and win more.

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Live Game Odds

Take your in-game betting to the next level with our Live Game Odds. Our algorithm delivers the best bets in real time.

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Push Notifications

Get the best plays sent straight to your phone real-time with our OddsJam Mobile App. Never miss a betting opportunity again!

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Positive EV


Promo Optimizer Tools

Parlay Builder

Sports betting is all about finding an edge, and our Positive EV tool is designed to give you just that. With real-time recommendations for algorithmically profitable bets, you can be sure you're always making the most strategic wagers possible.

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Everything you need to get an unfair advantage in VA + anywhere in the world.

Domestic + Global Sportsbooks


Find profitable opportunities across hundreds of sportsbooks with our global coverage

Live Game Odds


Capitalize on live game opportunities.



Never miss a profitable bet again with our real-time push notification alerts

Positive EV

Get real-time recommendations for the best bets with our most popular tool.

Arbitrage Tool

Capitalize on gaps in the market and win.

Promo Optimizer Suite

Convert sportsbook promos and credits into real cash and reach VIP status, fast.

Parlay Builder

Take the guesswork out of parlays with our algorithmically-constructed bet slips.

Video Tutorials

Positive EV Tutorial

Bonus Bet Converter Tutorial

Arbitrage Bets Tutorial

Middle Bets Tutorial

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We want to ensure you make the most profits possible with our product, so we offer free 1-1 tutorials with our customer success team to help you get started. Gain tailored advice from experts who know the books inside & out.

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