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Monkey Knife Fight Promo Code, Review

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Monkey Knife Fight is one of the several daily fantasy apps that users can risk and win real money on. Unlike the sites where you build a fantasy lineup and play semi-traditional fantasy sports against an opponent, Monkey Knife Fight is similar to a sportsbook in that you are playing against the house. 

To sign up for Monkey Knife Fight and get a $100 deposit match on your first deposit, enter the promo code MKFBEST.

Users must be of age (18 except 19 in Alabama and Nebraska and 21 in Massachusetts) and in a state where Monkey Knife Fight is legal, which currently includes: Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado (with restrictions), Washington DC, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Vermont, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Canadian users are also eligible to play on Monkey Knife Fight, with the exception of Quebec.

How to Sign Up for Monkey Knife Fight

Once on the Monkey Knife Fight website or app, users will be prompted to give their email, choose a password, confirm that password and then choose a username. 

It’s really that simple!

Monkey Knife Fight Entry Types

Here are the three main types of entries on Monkey Knife Fight. I am using baseball for my examples, but the same concept applies to the other sports offered as well. Monkey Knife Fight offers contests for MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL, tennis, golf, soccer and more. 

More or Less

The first entry type on Monkey Knife Fight is “more or less,” which is based on selecting combinations of player prop over/unders. Unlike other sites, Monkey Knife Fight presets the players grouped together that you have to select over or under for. 

For example, these are two entries offered. In the first one, a user must correctly select two of the three player prop over/unders to turn the stake into 1.5x that amount. If the user selects all overs in this example and Alvarez gets two bases, Rodriguez gets two hits, but France only gets one base, that entry still wins because two of the three won.

In that second example with Alvarez and Rodrigues, hypothetically those both went over as mentioned above, so the user would get 2.5x their money. This second example needs both selections to be correct to make any money, otherwise, the stake is lost. 

Rapid Fire

In the “rapid fire” entry type, users must select how players will do in a head-to-head matchup. Two players are pitted against one another, often with a half-stat handicap in one direction. See the example below:

For the first example, a user must correctly select who will have a better game in terms of fantasy points between both matchups. The first matchup is Rodriguez vs. Alvarez, in which Alvarez gets +0.5 points. That means if there is a tie and both players have an equal amount of fantasy points, Alvarez wins the matchup. The same thing applies to Altuve against Suarez in the other matchup.

If a user correctly predicts both of those matchups, the stake will turn into 2.5x the money. If that user plays and wins the 3/3 goal contest at the bottom of the screenshot, that payout will turn into 4x. 

Stat Shootout

Finally, the last type of entry is stat shootout. In this form of entry, a user drafts three players to total a certain statistical category. See the example below:

Here, I selected Alvarez, Raleigh, and Rodriguez in the home run statistical category. I have a few options. If I want to be conservative and say they’ll combine for at least one home run, that prize will be 1.5x. I can also be bold and say they’ll combine for at least two home runs for a 3x payout, or even three home runs for a 10x payout. 

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