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DraftKings Sportsbook Review

DraftKings Sportsbook rating: 8.9/10

Sign Up for DraftKings Sportsbook and Get a $1,000 Deposit Match.

What is DraftKings Sportsbook’s Sign Up Bonus?

DraftKings offers a 20% deposit match up to $1,000 on the first deposit. All new users are eligible to redeem this promotion, no promo code is needed. In other words, if your first deposit is $100, then you’ll receive $20 in bonus credit from DraftKings. To receive the maximum deposit bonus of $1,000, a user must deposit $5,000. 

This promo was last verified on April 13, 2022.

Where is DraftKings Sportsbook Legal? 

DraftKings sportsbook is currently available in 17 U.S. states: Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming. A variety of other U.S. states, including Ohio & Maryland, plan to welcome DraftKings in 2022. 

Is DraftKings Sportsbook Legal in Canada?

DraftKings plans to launch in Canada within the next year, but they’re not legal in Canada yet. As Canadian sports betting regulations change in early 2022, a variety of U.S. sportsbooks, such as Fanduel & DraftKings, plan to enter.

What is the DraftKings VIP Program?

High volume bettors are able to earn VIP status on DraftKings. VIP bettors earn special promotions and rewards. A representative from DraftKings sportsbook will reach out if you become eligible for their VIP Program. 

An example of an exclusive VIP bonus is above. DraftKings is offering a deposit bonus of up to $2,000 to all VIP bettors. Deposit $2,000 and get a free $2,000 from DraftKings – it’s a pretty sweet deal.

BetRivers and Twinspires are two other large sportsbooks in the U.S. that have VIP Rewards Programs for high-volume bettors. Similar to Twinspires sportsbook, DraftKings typically sends out exclusive offers to VIP customers via email, so be sure to monitor your email for bonuses from DraftKings sportsbook.

What sports can I bet on with DraftKings?

DraftKings offers a myriad of options for users to wager on, with betting odds for the following leagues: NBA, NCAA Basketball, NFL, NCAA Football, MLB, NHL, Soccer, ATP Tennis, WTA Tennis, UFC, Boxing, NASCAR, Golf and more.

DraftKings offers mainline markets (e.g. moneyline), alternate markets, game props, player props and futures for all major sports.

How to Sign Up for DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings has a relatively easy process when it comes to creating a new account. To sign up, users must submit the following information:

  1. Full Legal Name
  2. Full Address
  3. Email Address
  4. Last 4 Digits of Social Security Number

All new users must be at least 21 years of age and agree to the DraftKings Terms of Service. Although users can register for DraftKings from any U.S. state, bets cannot be placed outside of locations where DraftKings is legal.

DraftKings Sportsbook Deposit & Payout Methods

DraftKings offers a variety of deposit methods to users. Currently, DraftKings allows deposits via debit/credit card, wire transfer, Paypal, and bank transfer.

DraftKings also offers worry-free payouts. Your money is secure with U.S. regulated sportsbooks, such as DraftKings, BetMGM and Fanduel. Users can withdraw money at any point to bank or Paypal accounts. Users can also request a check to be mailed with their account balance. 

Payout speed is top-notch at DraftKings, with most withdrawals processed within 48 hours.

DraftKings Sportsbook Website & Mobile App

Although many sportsbooks in the United States, such as Tipico, are mobile-only sportsbooks, DraftKings has both a website and a mobile app. Both the website and mobile app are user-friendly and superior to other sportsbooks in the industry. Ease of use is one of the main reasons why DraftKings is a top sportsbook in the United States. This is especially important to be able to quickly place wagers found on OddsJam’s betting tools.

The DraftKings mobile app currently scores 4.8 out of 5 stars on the Apple app store. The mobile app has a sleek layout with a dark background, and, best of all, it’s easy to navigate.

DraftKings is offered on both the Apple App Store & Google Play/Android Store.

DraftKings Sportsbook Customer Support

DraftKings is known for having the best customer support in the industry. Users can ask questions via live chat or email. The average wait time to speak to a DraftKings support agent via chat is 3 minutes. Support emails are typically answered within a day as well, so it’s always easy to get problems resolved and questions answered with DraftKings sportsbook.

What is the DraftKings Sportsbook Rewards Program?

DraftKings offers loyalty points called “Crowns.” These loyalty points are earned by placing bets on DraftKings sportsbook. For every $2 wagered on DraftKings, users earn 1 crown. The more you play, the more you earn with DraftKings.

Crowns can be redeemed for DK Dollars, or DraftKings dollars. DK Dollars are site credits, which are automatically converted to cash after being wagered once.

What are DraftKings Play Pools?

DraftKings also offers a variety of “Play Pools,” which are essentially competitions that require no upfront cash to enter. By entering Play Pools, you can wish cash prizes by answering questions correctly and climbing the DraftKings leaderboard. Play Pool competitions cover a wide range of topics, from betting picks for specific NFL games to weather predictions in different US cities.

What is DraftKings Dynasty?

Another unique aspect of DraftKings is their Dynasty Rewards Program. If you don’t want to redeem your DraftKings rewards points, called crowns, for DK Dollars (e.g. site credit), then you can save up your crowns for Dynasty Rewards. With DraftKings Dynasty, you can turn crowns into free trips, flight credits and more. This is one the most unique aspects of DraftKings sportsbook.

DraftKings Market Coverage 

DraftKings is the #2 sportsbook in terms of leagues and markets offered, right behind Fanduel sportsbook. DraftKings also offers Same Game Parlays (SGPs), which allows users to place parlays on a single sporting event. 

DraftKings offers mainline markets, alternate markets, player props, game props and futures for all major leagues. Examples of the markets offered by DraftKings sportsbook are below.

  1. Mainline Markets: Moneyline, Point Spread, Total Points, First Half Moneyline, First Half Total Points, First Half Point Spread
  2. Alternate Markets: Alternate Point Spread, Alternate Total Points
  3. Player Props: Player Points, Player Rebounds, Player Assists, Player Passing Yards, Player Passing Touchdowns, Player Interceptions, Player Completions, Player Passing Attempts, Player Longest Completion, Player Rushing Yards, Player Rushing Touchdowns, Player Rush Attempts, Player Longest Rush, Player Receiving Yards, Player Receptions, Player Longest Reception
  4. Game Props: Team Total Points, First Team to Score, Last Team to Score, Race to X Points (e.g. Race to 5 Points)
  5. Futures: Championship Winner, Division Winner

DraftKings also offers a variety of in-game, live betting options for users, such as “Flash Props” and “Live TD Scorer” betting markets.

Where Did DraftKings Start?

DraftKings started out in the United States as a provider of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS). DraftKings was founded in 2012 and is currently based in Boston, Massachusetts.

DraftKings sportsbook first launched in New Jersey in August, 2018. Since then, DraftKings has expanded into a variety of other states, including Virginia, Iowa, Michigan, Arizona, Wyoming, Indiana, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Illinois, Colorado, Tennessee, Connecticut & New Hampshire. 

As new states begin to allow regulated, mobile sports betting, DraftKings sportsbook will surely continue to launch in other states. Louisiana, Maryland, New York & Ohio are all set to legalize sports betting in 2022, and DraftKings will likely be one of the first bookmakers to enter each of these states.

Sports Betting Promotions on DraftKings

DraftKings consistently offers the most lucrative & unique sports betting promos. As an example, for popular events, such as the Michigan vs Georgia NCAA Football game, DraftKings will offer profit boosts ranging from 25% to 50%. 

DraftKings is creative in their promos, and many of their promotions are quite lucrative. Savvy, sharp sports bettors are able to take advantage of promotions, bonus codes and odds boosts to find Positive Expected Value (+EV) bets that are mathematically profitable.

Unsurprisingly, the best sports betting promo on DraftKings is the sign up bonus. DraftKings is on the high end of the spectrum in terms of deposit bonuses, offering $1,000 to all new users who sign up. No bonus code or promo code is required to claim this new user sign up bonus.

Aside from deposit bonuses, two main types of promos are offered on DraftKings: profit boosts and odds boosts.

  1. Profit Boosts

Profit boosts are consistently offered on DraftKings sportsbook. An example of a DraftKings profit boost promo is below: “Get a 50% Profit Boost on any NBA bet.” In other words, if the Lakers were initially +100 moneyline odds on DraftKings sportsbook, then they will become +150 once you apply the boost.

To utilize a profit boost, you simply need to click the “Opt-In” button. Once opted in, DraftKings will add the profit boost to your “Rewards” profile.

  1. Odds Boosts

DraftKings offers daily odds boosts. Odd Boosts are enhanced odds for a bet, which increases the earnings of a bet if it wins. An example of a DraftKings Odds Boost is below. DraftKings is increasing the odds on the 3 leg UFC parlay “Poirier & Garbrandt & Tuivasa all to win” from +410 odds to +450 odds.

Do you have to Opt-In to Promos on DraftKings Sportsbook?

Yes, you must opt in to all promos offered on DraftKings sportsbook. If you do not opt in, then you will not receive bonus credits for the promotion. Luckily, opting into DraftKings promos is simple. All you have to do is click the “Opt-In” button at the bottom right of your screen. 

What are the Biggest Wins on DraftKings?

Below are three of the biggest wins ever on DraftKings sportsbook. These bets were all from OddsJam users and found on the Positive EV Betting Tool.

Is there a maximum bet size on DraftKings Sportsbook?

DraftKings does not have a maximum bet size. However, that doesn’t mean that DraftKings allows abnormally large bet sizes. Depending on the market and the user, maximum bet size will vary.

What is a free bet on DraftKings Sportsbook?

As a part of sports betting promos, DraftKings offers free bets. A free bet is different from cash because you do not get back your stake if your bet wins. As an example, imagine you place a $25 bet with cash on the Boston Celtics at +100 moneyline odds. If the Celtics win, then you would get back $50 total: $25 profit and your $25 stake. With a free bet, you would only get back your profit ($25 total).

Does DraftKings Sportsbook offer Same Game Parlays (SGPs)?

Yes, similar to other sportsbooks, such as Fanduel and Caesars, DraftKings offers Same Game Parlays on all major sports, such as NFL football. Same Game Parlays, or SGPs, are parlays on one sporting event. 

An example of a DraftKings SGP is below. This Same Game Parlay will win if the Chiefs cover the -9.5 point spread against the Raiders and Patrick Mahomes throws for over 274.5 passing yards.

Is DraftKings Legit?

Yes, DraftKings is a safe and reliable sportsbook. DraftKings is highly regulated and one of the largest sportsbooks in the United States – your money is completely safe with DraftKings.

DraftKings Responsible Gaming

DraftKings allows users to set deposit limits on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. In fact, DraftKings hired an academic executive, Christine Thurmond, as Director of Responsible Gaming. DraftKings also offers self-exclusion and cool-off periods to users who want to stop betting as frequently.

So… Should You Get DraftKings?

Yes, you should absolutely sign up for DraftKings sportsbook. DraftKings is one of the best sportsbooks in the United States and an easy choice for sports bettors. They have an easy to use mobile app and superior customer support.

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