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Louisiana Sports Betting – Where to Bet in Louisiana

Louisiana Sports Betting

Louisiana is one of the newest states to allow mobile sports betting. It just became legal on January 28th at 8AM. It was a very exciting Friday for Louisiana residents, who have fully taken advantage of having legal sports betting. 

Is Sports Betting Legal in Louisiana?Yes! Went legal in January, 2021
Which Sportsbooks can you Bet on in Louisiana?7 total, with them all listed below: Caesars, BetMGM, BetRivers, DraftKings, FanDuel, WynnBet, and Barstool.
Louisiana Sports Betting RulesThe only rules are that you must be 21 years or older and physically located in Louisiana (confirmed by your phones GPS, or geocomply software)

Unlike other states such as Virginia and New Jersey, no sports are off limits. 

Best Sportsbooks in Louisiana 

1. Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars Sportsbook is a great sportsbook, with a ton of good promotions and odds boosts. We like to call Caesars Sportsbook the OddsBoost god because of the sheer volume of odds boosts they have on a daily basis. They also have some really good promos as well, highlighted below.

  • Caesars Sign Up Bonus: Bonus first bet up to $1,250.
  • Weekly odds boosts/profit boosts/bonus bets
  • Watch our full review of Caesars Sportsbook here

Click Here to Sign Up for Caesars Sportsbook Today!

2. BetMGM

BetMGM also has a lot of odds boosts and promos to take advantage of. It also has a really nice user interface when scrolling through the different types of markets/props you want to bet. It’s very intuitive and easy to navigate. Some of the promos are highlighted below:

  • BetMGM Sign Up Bonus: Up to $1500 Bonus Bet. Essentially- you can place a bet up to $1500 and if it loses you get that amount back in bonus bets.
  • $10 bonus bet every week. Not a huge amount of money, but always nice to have $10 bonus dollars to play with on a weekly basis. 
  • Watch our full review of BetMGM here

Click Here to Sign Up for BetMGM Sportsbook Today!

3. BetRivers

BetRivers also has a nice signup bonus in which they will deposit match up to $250. Other than that, they have nice daily promos and odds boosts that they call “House Specials.” We love betting those House Specials, as they normally have some profitable bets to make. 

Click Here to Sign Up for BetRivers Sportsbook Today!

Is Louisiana a Good Sports Betting State?

Is Mobile Betting Legal in Louisiana?

Sure is! They were not one of the first states, but all that matters is that mobile betting is now legal in Louisiana. 

How Many Sportsbooks are Available in Louisiana?

There are 7 total books available. They are BetMGM, BetRivers, DraftKings, FanDuel, Barstool, WynnBet, and Caesars.

Does Louisiana Have Good Sports Betting Odds?

Because of how new sports betting is in Louisiana and the number of very popular books available, they have pretty fair pricing on their odds. 

How to Sign Up for a Sportsbook in Louisiana

Louisiana is easy. You can do everything necessary to get signed up all from your phone/computer. Some states require an in-person sign-up, but Louisiana is not one of those states. 

They also make signing up and depositing fairly simple as well. This is detailed in the next section, but for the sign-up process, the sportsbook will ask you a couple of personal questions to verify your identity. Then once you are signed up you can set up the payment method by syncing the app to your account. 

Louisiana Sports Betting Rules & Regulations

Only two rules in Louisiana.

  1. Must be 21 or older
  2. Must be physically located in Louisiana.

How to Bet in Louisiana 

Luckily, it is pretty easy to get started in a state like Louisiana. Let’s detail the steps below.

  1. Find and download a sportsbook.
    • There are a lot in Louisiana, but let’s start with Caesars since they have such a generous offering of promos and odds boosts. In this case, a bonus bet match up to $1,001.
  2. Sign up and Deposit
    • The sign-up and deposit steps are pretty seamless. They will ask a couple of questions to verify your age and identity such as social security number, address, and/or driver’s license. But, it is pretty easy overall. 
    • Once you are signed up you will need to deposit money into your account. You will do this by selecting a payment method and proceeding with the prompt to get the payment method synced to your account. It is easiest to go with a direct deposit to a banking account since you can easily withdraw and deposit funds directly into that account.
  3. Verify your Location
    • If you are on your phone then your phone will do this automatically using its GPS feature, but on the desktop can be a little more complicated. 
    • If you are using a desktop you will need to download a location tracking software called geocomply. Please refer to our article here with more details on geocomply. 
  4. Place a bet!
    • Now you’ve gotten to the fun part. As mentioned earlier Caesars offers a wide variety of promotions and odds boosts for you to enjoy. But, in general, in order to place a bet, all you need to do is:
      • Navigate to the desired sport
      • Find the line that you would like to bet
      • Click or navigate to the bet slip
      • Click place bet!

Full List of Sportsbooks in Louisiana:

SportsbookMobile BettingSign Up Bonus
CaesarsYes$1,100 first ber insurance
BetMGMYes$1,500 bonus bet
DraftKingsYes$1,000 sign up bonus
FanDuelYes$1,000 bonus bet
BetRiversYesDeposit match up to $250
BarstoolYesUp to $1,000 bonus bet
WynnBetYes$1,000 deposit match

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