The Most Profitable Form of Sports Betting (Positive EV)


Video Transcript

Again, sportsbooks have different odds from one another - FanDuel does not have the same odds as DraftKings. Sometimes, there are large discrepancies in the odds between sportsbooks. A shrewd sports bettor is able to identify these discrepancies and determine which bet is mathematically profitable. These profitable bets are referred to as “Positive EV” bets. For example, imagine for the Bucks vs Celtics game, every sportsbook was offering +110 odds on the Celtics moneyline, but DraftKings was giving +140 odds on the Celtics. Clearly, compared to the rest of the sports betting market (e.g. odds on other books), there’s a lot of value on the Celtics on DraftKings. This would be an example of a Positive EV, or mathematically profitable bet. Most bets are not profitable - that’s why 99% of sports bettors lose money long-term. However, OddsJam is constantly scanning the market for the 10-20 Positive EV bets that are available at any moment. Positive EV betting means hunting for value. You are looking for bets that are “on sale.” A casual bettor is similar to playing slots and hoping you hit the jackpot. A Positive EV sports bettor is like a trader looking to buy a stock low and sell it high. Pro Tip: All Positive EV bets can be found on the Positive EV Betting Tool. The most profitable sports bettors in the world use the OddsJam Positive EV Betting Tool to make informed betting decisions.


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