Understanding Odds Fluctuations


Video Transcript

Sportsbooks are constantly changing around their odds. Just like the price of a stock, supply and demand is ultimately what drives changes in odds. The price of a stock is moving around every few minutes, and it’s no different in sports betting. Sports betting odds are exactly like stock prices, which is why the most successful sports bettors typically have backgrounds in trading. Imagine thousands of dollars starts to get wagered on the St. Louis Cardinals at +135 odds at WynnBet. Eventually, WynnBet is going to lower their odds on the Cardinals, perhaps to +125 odds, and improve their odds on the Mets, perhaps from -150 to -140 odds. Remember that WynnBet wants to set the odds so that an equal amount of dollars is being wagered on both teams - if this happens, WynnBet makes a risk-free spread (e.g. the vig). Long story short, sportsbooks are constantly changing around odds to balance wagers bet on both sides. Pro Tip: Practice navigating the sportsbooks so you never miss a good bet! OddsJam processes millions of odds every second so you always have up to date odds.

FoxBet Odds Changing Over Time

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