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OddsJam has the fastest real-time sports betting odds data to spot discrepancies between different sportsbooks and help users place mathematically profitable bets. Profits average 3% every day, which adds up to big earnings

There’s no catch. Just the smartest betting software on the market.

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The Sharpest Betting Tools on the Market!

Developed by Stanford engineers, OddsJam’s suite of tools is an innovative solution designed to provide bettors with the most actionable betting opportunities available.

Arbitrage Betting Tool

See arbitrage bets sorted by guaranteed profit percentage. OddsJam has the fastest real-time data from 50+ sportsbooks to identify over 10K arbitrage bets per month so you never miss a chance to lock in guaranteed profit.

Arbitrage Bets in Real-Time

OddsJam processes over 1 million odds per minute to find you the select few risk-free arbitrage bets in real time. OddsJam has the fastest updating odds so you will never miss a profitable bet again.

50+ Sportsbooks and Popular Markets

OddsJam’s tools analyze data from the most popular sportsbooks, supporting mainline markets, alternative spread markets, player props, futures and more!

Positive Expected Value Betting Tool

See mathematically profitable betting opportunities sorted by expected profit margin. These opportunities are identified by finding mispriced odds in real-time, so you never miss a profitable bet.

Turn Sports Betting into Investing

Finance professionals and traders use the concept of expected value to compare investment opportunities based on the mathematical likelihood of a desired outcome. You can use that same approach to identify betting opportunities that are mathematically profitable.

Get an Edge on the Sportsboooks, every time

EV is calculated by taking the probability of a win x the amount won, minus the probability of a loss x the amount lost - since odds have implied probability you can use this to find betting markets where that number is positive, meaning the bet is mathematically profitable.

Free Bet Conversion Betting Tool

Use OddsJam’s Free Bet Conversion tool to identify opportunities to convert promotional free bets or sign up bonuses to cash. They are sorted by the conversion percentage you will receive - typically 80 cents on the dollar or better.

Get the most out of promotional Free Bets

See betting opportunities to help convert your free bets directly to cash. You can typically get a conversion of 80% or greater.

Find the best Sportsbooks promotions

To become a profitable sports bettor you need to have accounts with as many sportsbooks as you can. All of them offer promotional sign up bonuses, free bets, site credits and more.

Low Hold Betting Tool

Low holds are betting markets with a small house edge, or none at all. Hold is a measure of the “vig” or tax sportsbooks place on odds. OddsJam’s Low Hold Betting Tool allows you to reduce the juice on bets you want to place across different sportsbooks.

Reduce the juice you pay on every bet

Sharp sports bettors always look for opportunities to reduce the vig, or juice they pay to the sportsbooks. See real time betting opportunities with the least amount of juice.

Find the best bets for Deposit Bonuses

Many sportsbooks offer promotional sign up bonuses, but with a catch, you have to bet through them before you can withdraw them. Find the best betting opportunities to lower your tax bill to the sportsbooks and get the most out of your bonuses.

Middle Betting Tool

See middle betting opportunities where if the exact right outcome occurs you can win both bets. OddsJam is the only offering with sports betting middles. Our tools process over 1M odds per minute to identify these lottery ticket opportunities in real time.

Identify middle bets in real time

OddsJam has the fastest updating odds from the most sportsbooks so you never miss a profitable middle opportunity again.

Take advantage of live middles

Middle opportunities don’t just occur in pregame markets - live lines also offer middle opportunities. OddsJam has a live odds plan to fully take advantage of this tool.

Free Bet Tracker

OddsJam’s free bet tracker tracks your bets across any sportsbook so you can see the full view of your betting portfolio. Track your bets like the pros and use OddsJam's bet tracker. Add bets with one click and get insights into your performance over time.

Automatic tracking and bet grading

OddsJam's bet tracker automatically tracks the outcome of your bets (win, loss, refund, etc.). You can also add your bets to the tracker directly from our tools with one click.

Closing Line Value tracking

OddsJam's bet tracker automatically tracks CLV (closing line values) from the sharpest book in the world so you can see how many times OddsJam’s tools helped you beat the book.

OddsJam Live Odds

Live odds (in-game) move up to 50x faster than pre-match odds. OddsJam is the only betting platform that refreshes live odds every second so you never miss a good bet, even during live games.

Make the best bets during live games

With OddsJam's &quotLive Odds Pass&quot, you can unlock live mathematically profitable bets for one low price.

Get the most out of the full suite of OddsJam Sharp Betting Tools

Because live odds move significantly more than pregame main market odds, you can identify even more arbitrage bets, middle bets, and positive EV bets.

Our Sportsbooks

OddsJam has the fastest updating odds for more than 50 sportsbooks from the United States, Canada, and Europe. We know understanding data leads to knowledge and money, so we’ve created the best software platform to analyze sportsbook odds from across the globe.

888sport (Canada)
Action 24/7
Bally Bet
Betway (Canada)
Caesars (Tennessee)
Circa Sports
Circa Vegas
Desert Diamond
DraftKings (Tennessee)
Elite Sportsbook
Four Winds
Golden Nugget
Hard Rock
NorthStar Bets
OddsJam True Odds
PlayUp (Australia)
PointsBet (Australia)
Resorts World Bet
Royal Panda
Sports Interaction
Thrive Fantasy
William Hill
William Hill (Europe)
Wind Creek