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What is a PrizePicks Power Play?

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PrizePicks is one of the most popular daily fantasy apps in sports betting due to its availability across most states in the country. It’s also a fun way to back your favorite players and make serious money on parlay winnings.

If you haven’t signed up for PrizePicks, be sure to do so here by using promo code ‘ODDSJAM’ for a first deposit match of up to $100.

PrizePicks is all player prop betting in the form of parlays. The lowest number of legs you can do on the platform is two picks and the highest is six (in the form of a flex play). Of course, a six leg parlay is going to have a large payout (25x your bet) if all of the legs hit, but that is unlikely to happen often.

How to Make Winning PrizePicks Parlays with the OddsJam Fantasy Screen

The only way to guarantee profit in the long run is to form entries with picks that beat the fair odds PrizePicks is giving you. Five or six-pick flex plays are best, as each prop must only beat -119 odds. In comparison, two-pick entries must beat -137 to be profitable.

In order to beat -119 odds on your five and six-pick entries, you have to find props that are favored on sportsbooks to the point that the no-vig fair odds are better than -119.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to figure out which props cross this threshold. Enter the OddsJam Fantasy Screen. The screen will show you the chances that each entry has of hitting based on odds from around the market. If an entry is filled with exclusively green (which indicates beating -119, creating positive expected value) picks, the expected value of the entry will be significantly positive. Here’s an example of the screen in acton:

The best part of the OddsJam Fantasy Screen is that it includes more than just PrizePicks. Underdog Fantasy, No House Advantage, ParlayPlay, Fliff, HotStreak, Jock MKT, and ThriveFantasy are also included.

OddsJam’s best-in-class suite of betting tools give you the edge as a sports bettor to find the best odds and profitable betting opportunities in real time.

Power Plays vs. Flex Plays

There are two different types of entries in PrizePicks, those being flex plays and power plays. Flex plays allow for smaller returns if you only hit some legs of your entry, but power plays are going all-in on your selections.

Power plays only cash if every entry hits, but they offer higher payouts if you select them. If you hit 2/3 legs on a flex play, for example, you’d earn some of your money back. However, 2/3 on a power play results in a loss.

Here’s an example of the two choices PrizePicks bettors have when it comes to three-leg entries. The flex play is safer, of course, as hitting 2/3 results in minor profit, but the power play allows for a 5x return (or +400 odds) if the bet hits. This means that you could hit 1/4 on these entries and still be profiting.

On lower leg entries like this example, using the power play is often a good option to build up your PrizePicks bankroll. Higher leg parlays, for example, can be better off playing it safe with a flex play.

Once you go up to five or six-leg entries, you cannot place a power play. PrizePicks only offers them on entries up to four legs. A six-leg entry, for example, is automatically a flex play that offers 25x return for six successful picks, 2x for five and 0.4x for four.

These five and six-leg entries are mathematically the best option, and are what the OddsJam Fantasy Screen is based on. As mentioned above, both these entries have a no-vig threshold of -119 fair odds, which is the lowest (easiest to beat) of any entry type.

A four-pick power play nets a 10x return if all the entries hit, but that of course is less likely since if one leg loses, the bet is dead. If you use mathematically profitable bets using OddsJam’s Positive EV page, you increase your chances of winning with sharp bets that beat many of the other sportsbook’s odds.


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