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The Value of Seeing the ENTIRE Betting Market Before Placing a Bet

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When it comes to sports betting, there are a lot of truths out there. One of these truths is that not every sportsbook is created equal. And what I mean by that is not every sportsbook is going to be accurate when pricing odds for every single play, and that some sportsbooks are, quite simply, better than others.

So, even if you don’t have access to every book in your state, it is still beneficial to see where every sportsbook is pricing odds. Simply put: more data = more informed betting decisions, which, at the end of the day, equals more money.

The screenshot above is a perfect example of what I am talking about. This is the totals market for a college basketball game. As you can see, sportsbooks are pricing the over/under for this game all the way from 139 up to 140.5. A point-and-a-half difference is a huge deal!

When looking at the o/u 140.5 market specifically, we see odds range from -110 all the way up to -140. That is the difference of risking $110 to profit $100 vs. risking $140 to profit $100 — so a $30 difference. With that big of a gap in odds, both of these sportsbooks can’t have accurate pricing, one of them has to be incorrect.

This is why having accounts with more sportsbooks comes in handy. The more sportsbooks you have as a point of comparison, the easier to tell which sportsbook has the miss-priced lines, which means that would be a profitable bet. Click here to make sure you’re signed up for every book available in your state.

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I also mentioned earlier that some sportsbooks are more accurate than others, and I have highlighted three of the sharpest books in the world in the above screenshot. They are BookMaker, BetOnline and Pinnacle. You always want to compare where these sportsbooks are pricing lines before you should think about placing a bet.

In this case, all three sportsbooks price this total to be below 140.5, which is more evidence that the under 140.5 is the correct play.

Here is another way to think about it: the New York Stock Exchange has Apple stock priced at $300 per share and at another exchange you see that you can buy Apple stock for $250. One of those stock prices accurately reflects the market, while the other one is incorrect, right? The guess here is that you would trust the New York Stock Exchange, as they are reputable. It is the same thing in sports betting.

There are sharp sportsbooks that consistently do a better job at pricing odds, and using them to your advantage is a must as a sports bettor.

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