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What is a FanDuel Player Performance Double Bet? Player Performance Double Betting Strategies

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What is a Player Performance Double Bet at FanDuel?

Player performance double bets at FanDuel involve a player achieving a statistical category AND that player’s team winning the game. This is similar to a same-game parlay that almost every sportsbook offers, but it’s given to you by FanDuel. 

For example, in basketball for a Milwaukee Bucks game a player performance double might be Giannis Antetokounmpo to have 30 or more points and the Bucks to win.

In baseball, one might be Max Scherzer to strike out seven or more and the Mets to win.

Football might have Cooper Kupp to catch a touchdown and the Rams to win.

Should I Bet a Player Performance Double Bet at FanDuel?

Player performance doubles are usually fun and seem profitable to the naked eye because if a player does well enough to hit their performance statistic, that obviously increases the likelihood of that player’s team winning the game. However, before placing a player performance double bet shop around.

For other sportsbooks, build a same game parlay with that statistic and the team to win and compare the odds. Not all sportsbooks have fully customizable same game parlays so the specific numbers in the player performance double could be impossible to replicate, but at least attempting to do so can help find out if the play has value. 

Of course, you could also use the OddsJam perfect line on the team’s moneyline and that player prop. Taking out the vig with the No-Vig Fair Odds Calculator & Sports Betting and then putting those odds into the Parlay Calculator seems like a smart way to calculate the fair value, however that does not consider correlation. The odds on the player performance double will appear worse than that calculation, but it makes sense because Cooper Kupp scoring a touchdown or Giannis scoring 30 increases the likelihood of a victory for their team. 

Sometimes it can make sense to take a conservative player prop to boost the odds of a moneyline you already wanted to take. For example if the Bucks are -120 on the regular moneyline, a player performance double with Giannis to get ten rebounds and the Bucks to win at +110. Ten rebounds is pretty routine for the Greek Freak so that can be a fun way to boost the moneyline odds. 

Download OddsJam’s player prop betting app today to find the player props with the best value across every MLB game and market.

Where to Find Player Performance Double (PPD) Bets:

To find player performance double bets, go to FanDuel and click on the game you want to bet on. In the menu below the mainline markets there is a player performance doubles tab where you’ll often have dozens of options to choose from.

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