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Optimal Entry Types for PrizePicks & Underdog Fantasy Parlays

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PrizePicks and Underdog Fantasy Sports are daily fantasy operations, which allow them to operate in many states where traditional sports betting with sportsbooks like DraftKings and Fanduel isn’t legal. 

Both PrizePicks and Underdog feature player prop parlays, and a bettor can parlay anywhere from two to six player props in one entry. However, based on the payout structure of both sites, there are obvious entry types to bet with and others to avoid.

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The best bets and resources to make you more profitable

PrizePicks & Underdog Power Plays

Both PrizePicks and Underdog have two-leg entries that payout 3x your entry, which equates to +200 odds. So for a $10 stake, if it wins you’d get $30 back which is a profit of $20. 

This is true regardless of the selections you make in that entry. PrizePicks doesn’t have odds on individual props, so no matter what two legs you select it’s +200. OddsJam’s co-founder Alex Monahan breaks it down:

The two sites start to differ for three-leg entries.

PrizePicks pays out 5x (+400) while Underdog pays out 6x (+500). Let’s take a look at the breakdown here:

Here’s a table of all the power play (all legs have to win) implied odds:

Entry TypePrizePicksUnderdog

To be profitable over time with positive expected value, your individual props need to beat the no-vig closing lines listed above. 

As you can see above, two- and three-leg entries on PrizePicks make that challenging, because you need to beat a no-vig closing line of at least -137 or -141. 

The only time you should ever place a two-leg entry is when there are two very profitable props, and nothing else that you identify value in.

I highly discourage ever placing a three-leg entry at -141. 

That same three-leg entry is just -122 on Underdog. While the props may not always have the same lines or opportunities as PrizePicks, it’s much easier to find value in three Underdog props at only -122 than PrizePicks. 

OddsJam’s best-in-class suite of betting tools give you the edge as a sports bettor to find the best odds and profitable betting opportunities in real time.

PrizePicks & Underdog Flex Plays

We recommend placing five-pick flexes if you’re opting for a flex play.

If you hit 5/5, the winning entry pays out 10x, or +900 odds. The benefit of flex play is you don’t need to hit every leg to get some money in return.

If an entry misses by one leg and goes 4/5, you double your money — so it’s essentially +100 odds. If 3/5 props hit, you lose 60% of your entry, so if a $10 entry goes 3/5, $4 will be returned.

Here’s a full breakdown of the math:

Instead of having to beat -137 for a two-pick power play, only having to beat -119 on these flex plays creates way more opportunities for profitable entries.

Six-pick flexes are essentially the same:

Long story short, the best PrizePicks entries to place are five- and six-leg flexes, while Underdog provides the best value for three-leg entries.


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