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How to Use the OddsJam Positive EV Tool

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Positive expected value betting is a profitable betting strategy that we recommend to everybody who is reading this article. The strategy and concept itself is explained in this article here if you are not familiar with what betting positive EV means.

This article specifically will be walking you through how to actually use the OddsJam Positive Expected Value Tool.

The OddsJam Positive EV Filters

The first thing to note when using the positive EV tool is to make sure you have your filters set up correctly. The nice thing about this tool is that you can filter for pretty much anything you are looking to do.

In the sportsbooks section, you can easily filter in/out books that you do or don’t want to use. Looking to specifically bet the NBA? No problem! Just filter league to NBA and you will only see bets for that league.

In terms of market, you can filter between main lines (spread, total, moneyline), alternate markets, and player props. Date range is convenient if you are looking to bet something today and only want to see positive EV bets that are for today.

Then, a really awesome feature is you can save filter settings as well. So, if you have certain settings that you always like to have on, you can just save them!

Personally, I have saved filters for when I am looking at player props specifically, or if I only want to look at main lines.

How to Use OddsJams Positive EV Betting Tool

With the filters out of the way, let’s talk about how the actual tool itself works.

This is what a bet on the positive EV tool looks like. First things first, the mathematically profitable bet that you should be placing is the bet that is bolded, and has the blue outline around it. So, in this specific example it would be the Boston Celtics 1st Half Team Total Under 60.5

That is the most important thing, but from left to right here is what all of the different columns mean:

  • Percent: This is your Positive Expected Value %, or can also be viewed as your projected profit margin. For this screenshot, the EV% is 1.91%, which means your expected profit would be $1.91 for every $100 bet.
  • Rec. Bet Size: This is the amount that you should actually wager on this bet itself. These numbers are pulled from your bankroll, using the Kelly Criterion Method.
  • Date: This one is pretty obvious, just the time and date of your bet!
  • Event: The specific game that your bet is in. In this case, we are betting a play in the Timberwolves vs. Celtics game.
  • Market: The market of the bet, which is the 1st Half Team Total for this example.
  • Bets: The bet that you are actually going to place, which, as mentioned earlier, will always be bolded and have the outline around it
  • Books: The sportsbook that you will be placing the bet at.
  • No-Vig Odds: These are the odds that OddsJam calculates to be the “true line” of the market. Essentially, these odds are telling you what the market should truly be priced at.
  • Market Width: Market width calculates essentially how much juice, or vig, the sportsbooks are charging. The lower the market width, the lower the amount of juice being charged to the market.

I know this was a lot of information, but the most important thing you need to know when looking at the positive EV tool is what bet is bolded and outlined, because that is the bet that you are going to place.

Should I Bet Every Play on Positive EV Page?

Great question! Somehow, I knew you were going to ask that.

Yes, every bet on the OddsJam EV page is going to be mathematically profitable, but, with that said, there is additional research that we recommend doing before placing a bet. This is something that I do personally before every single bet that I place.

If you hover over the bet that you’d like to place, you will see that the background will be slightly shaded blue. As you can see in the screenshot, the top bet has a white background, while the the second bet is slightly tinted blue. Well, if you click your mouse anywhere it is shaded blue, it pulls up odds from every single sportsbook for that play.

What you are doing here is comparing the odds of the bet you are placing (under 130, +130 odds), with odds from every other sportsbook. The goal of this is to determine whether the odds of your bet are an outlier compared to the rest of the betting markets. If the answer is yes, then go hit that bet!

This is the perfect example of a bet that would be a hit. The odds that we are betting are at +130, while the rest of the betting markets have this at +112 or +110. This is a clear outlier, which means it is a profitable bet.

I also recommend watching this video where I go into great detail about why positive expected value betting is so valuable, but if you have any questions please hit us up! [email protected].


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