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The best bets and resources to make you more profitable

How to Use the OddsJam Fantasy Screen

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If you are looking to CRUSH the DFS books (PrizePicks, Underdog Fantasy, JockMKT, ParlayPlay, Thrive Fantasy, Fliff, and more), then the OddsJam Fantasy Screen is perfect for you.

First of all, if you haven’t signed up for any or all of those books be sure to use promo code ‘ODDSJAM’ for in most cases, a first deposit match up to $100.

DFS strategy is quite different from regular sports betting strategy, so having the proper tools is imperative.

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The best bets and resources to make you more profitable

When it comes to profitable sports betting on a regulated sportsbook (FanDuel, DraftKings, etc.), you are looking for outliers across the entire betting landscape.

For DFS strategy, you are not looking for value across the sportsbooks, but instead looking for plays that are likely to hit. Yes, I know that sounds overly simplified and obvious, but let me explain.

A bet on FanDuel at +200 odds could be a profitable bet — despite the fact that +200 odds inherently imply a win percentage of below 50% — if the rest of the sportsbooks price that play at +150 odds.

Now, of course, if a sportsbook does deem a play likely to hit, they are going to price up the odds of that play.

Let’s look at the example above, pulled from the OddsJam Positive EV page. We see odds priced for over/under 0.5 runs in the first inning and that the sportsbooks are heavily favoring the under. Odds range from -123 all the way up to -154.

These sportsbooks are telling you how likely they think it is that this total goes under, so they are making that play more expensive to buy.

Here’s the thing: these DFS books don’t do that, at all! They give you the same exact payout for every single entry, regardless of what individual plays you add to that entry.

For experienced sports bettors, that is a wild concept. You could have put either the over or the under in an entry on PrizePicks, and the payout would legitimately have been the exact same.

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So, when I say look for plays that are likely to hit, this is exactly what I am referring to. Let the sportsbooks tell you what plays they think are going to hit, and then hammer those on a DFS book.

Now imagine having some sort of tool, or screen (*winks*), that would literally provide these exact types of scenarios, and even tell you the percent chance the play has of hitting, and possibly color codes it?

That is where OddsJam’s Fantasy Optimizer comes into play.

The screenshot above is taken directly from the fantasy optimizer, where we see plays color-coded by green, yellow and red.

Plays in green are clearly profitable to include in your entries.

That is essentially what the color coding means. Green = Great! Yellow = Solid to include with greens.

In terms of how to read the screen itself, the actual percentages you see in the % Odds to Hit column are pulled from the column directly to the right, the OddsJam Algo Odds.

The OddsJam Positive EV Betting Tool is the only offering with a live data feed that identifies mathematically profitable betting opportunities in real time. Click here to sign up today! 

OddsJam pulls odds from the sharpest sportsbooks in the world and uses a weighted average to calculate the odds you see in the Algo Odds column. That is why this tool is so powerful.

The sportsbooks that consistently do the best job at pricing odds are telling us how likely a play is to hit, and we hammer those plays on the DFS books that give us the same exact payouts regardless of how good the plays are.

Another thing to highlight is the number of books you can select to find profitable plays on, posted again in the screenshot below.

So, no matter what DFS book you are looking to play, the OddsJam Fantasy Screen has you covered by giving you the best of the best plays to make on that book.

You can also toggle on and off the line differences option. which is great for finding plays where one DFS book is off from the rest of the market.


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