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How to Update Your OddsJam Settings

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When using OddsJam, it is important to make sure that you have your settings updated to reflect your preferences. These settings can range from filtering in and out different sportsbooks as well as sports, all the way to inputting your bankroll to ensure that the bet size recommended from OddsJam is palatable for your individual needs, as shown below.

The first thing you need to do to update your settings is to click your initial at the top right of the screen (it doesn’t matter what page you are on, this will always be at the top right). From there, just click profile, and it will take you to all the settings that you can update.

The screenshot below shows you all of the different types of settings that you can update, which will be detailed below.

Overview: This is mostly just account/personal information. Your name, email address, phone number, state, and Odds Format (american, decimal, etc…). From here, users on the platinum plan can select whether they would like to receive text notifications or not.

Manage Subscription: This tab will show you what current subscription you have, and also gives you the option to either change or cancel your plan. It is here where you can also view your payment methods as well as your billing history with OddsJam

Picks: This tab is only for users that currently subscribe to our picks plan. This is where you can manage your picks notifications, meaning if you want to be notified via phone, email, or both.

Manage Filters: As referenced earlier, this is the page tab where you can decide whether you want to have certain books filtered out.

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Bankroll Settings: This is a very important page! It is here where you can input your bankroll, as well as what you would like your Kelly Multiplier to be.

Betting Tool Notification: This tab is new, and a very cool feature that OddsJam has added. OddsJam now allows you to save filters on certain tools such as arbitrage and positive expected value. This Betting tool Notification tab allows you to decide whether you would like to be notified whether or not a bet appears that meets those filters.

Bet Tracker: This is the tab where you can select whether or not you’d like to be notified when a bet that you have added to your bet tracker is no longer beating the closing line, meaning is no longer a positive expected value bet.

Injuries: Lastly, from this tab you can select whether or not you’d like notifications for injury alerts.


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