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What is a Grand Salami in Sports Betting? How do Grand Salami Bets Work?

What is a Grand Salami Bet?

When you start digging deep into the sports betting world, you will realize that there are some really intricate bets out there. One of those bets is a grand salami. Seen mostly in baseball and hockey, a grand salami bet is betting the over/under on the total points scored across every game for the day. If there are eight games in the NHL today, expect to see the grand salami over/under goals scored to be between 40-50 for the day. A grand salami bet is a fun way to keep yourself fully immersed in the entire day’s slate of games and will keep you glued to the box scores all day.

How Are Grand Salami Bets Created?

You are probably thinking that the total for grand salamis are just the aggregate of the total over/unders for each game that day. Unfortunately, it is never that simple with sportsbooks. If adding up the slate of over/unders fall at 40.5, expect the grand salami to close a few points above or below that number. Oddsmakers will take many things into consideration when releasing their number, including injuries, weather, team momentum, etc. Just like any line available on sportsbooks, a grand salami’s line is created to give the oddsmakers the edge. It is up to you to swing the edge in your favor and bet that side.

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The best bets and resources to make you more profitable

Grand Salami Bet Examples

Grand salami odds usually hover around even money, +100, to +/- 120. You can check the sportsbooks hockey or baseball sections, and most of the time you will find the grand salami bet under either daily lines or prop bets. Looking at the NHL, across a four-game slate, adding up each game over/under will get you 22 goals. Checking out the grand salami below, the total over/under for all four games combined is 24.5. This shows that the oddsmakers are expecting a higher scoring day overall, and are reflecting that in the grand salami bet.

Grand Salami Bets in Baseball

Grand salamis in different sports should be looked at separately. Each sport has different factors that come into play when the line is created, and you should do your research to understand those factors before placing your bet. In baseball, you need to pay attention to:

  • Weather
  • Hitters park vs. pitcher’s park (many ballparks are statistically proven to be better for the hitter or pitcher, so make sure you research this)
  • Starting pitchers/Bullpen availability
  • Lineup changes (very common to change last minute in MLB)
  • Travel (did the team travel late the night before?)

Grand Salami Bets in Hockey

In hockey, notably the NHL, grand salami bets are fairly common to see on a daily basis. Similar to baseball, there are key factors to check before placing your bets:

  • Starting goalies/lineup changes (rest)
  • Which teams are playing? Higher scoring teams? Lower-scoring teams?
  • Is a team on a hot streak or cold streak?
  • How many teams are playing in back-to-back games? These teams typically do not score as much

What Sportsbooks Allow You to Bet Grand Salamis

Most sportsbooks allow you to bet on grand salamis for the day. Again, it is a fun bet that will keep you invested through the entire slate, but for the oddsmakers, they will always adjust these bets to keep themselves ahead. Most of the well-known sportsbooks offer grand salami bets, including:

  • BetMGM
  • Fanduel
  • Draftkings
  • Caesars

Some may specifically be labeled as grand salami, while others (like the DraftKings example above) are labeled “Total Daily Goals.”


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Grand Salami Betting Strategies

Grand salami bets for different sports warrant different strategies. You should always pay attention to the various factors for the specific sport you are planning on betting the grand salami on. With any other bet, make sure you are doing your homework and understand why oddsmakers are setting their lines the way they are. See if there are factors that you can use to your advantage to find an edge going either way with grand salamis.

You should also always feel confident about the bet before placing it. If you feel there is a lot of uncertainty in multiple games on the slate, it might be best to avoid the grand salami. If you expect there to be a lot of runs/goals throughout the day, take the over. Remember to have some fun with this bet! You’ll be yelling at the tv all day, but as a fellow sports degenerate, what else can you ask for? Here’s to many grand salami wins in your future.

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