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Bible of Sports Betting

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Hi! My name is Alex, and I’m the co-founder of OddsJam. I put this document together to be a quick “guide” about the various OddsJam betting tools. I promise that taking a few minutes to read + internalize this will be valuable and increase your sports betting profits dramatically

I’m not a writer/expert in formatting, but I truly hope this is helpful to you and makes you more profitable, regardless of if you’re an OddsJam user. My mission is to level the playing field and help sports bettors become more knowledgeable and profitable.

To be straightforward, education = money in sports betting, so put in the work to learn these concepts! OddsJam is based solely on real-time market data. There’s no fluff, no BS. The more time you put into learning about sports betting markets, the more money you’ll make. It’s that simple.


We created default filters with all of the bets we would hit from OddsJam. It is called “OddsJam Pro Filters” or “Recommended Filters.” There will be less Positive EV bets available, but they are all highly profitable. It’s the sharpest bets from OddsJam. My advice would be keep the filters on and bet as many as you can.

Track your profit over the course of 250+ bets, you will be up money… Of course, not every bet will win, but watch and see after 250 bets…

Turning these filters on will essentially guarantee profitability over a large sample size of bets. These are the most profitable bets from OddsJam based on real-time data from the entire sports betting market (e.g. all odds) and historical weightings of sportsbook “sharpness” based on backtesting (for player props vs. mainlines, etc.). 

There is of course a spectrum of sportsbook sharpness, and using real-time market data from numerous sharp bookmakers to find “fair odds” is the only rational way to bet on sports and profit long-term.

As you see profits from Positive EV betting with OddsJam, increase your unit size. If you profit $500 in a month with a $5 unit, that would be $5,000 in a month with a $50 unit. You’ll grow more confident in Positive EV betting as you see the results over a large sample size of bets. This is investing with an edge more than “sports betting”


Video Tutorials:

  1. Positive EV: Video Tutorial. This tool shows you mathematically profitable bets with an “edge” over the sportsbook.
  2. Free Bet Converter: Video Tutorial. This tool shows you how to convert your free bets into cash at the highest possible rate.
  3. Arbitrage Bets: Video Tutorial. This tool shows you bets where you can make a risk-free profit due to discrepancies in bookmaker odds.
  4. Middle Bets: Video Tutorial. This tool shows you the best “lottery ticket” sports bets.
  5. Bet Tracker: Video Tutorial. This tool will automatically track your profit and loss.
  6. Low Holds: Video Tutorial. This tool helps you work through deposit bonuses, get sportsbook rewards and gain “VIP” status on sportsbooks. I actually just got back from Las Vegas as a VIP member of WynnBet sportsbook. I even got to meet Tom Brady!

Phone Number for Immediate Support (Text/Call Anytime): (309) 324-4244

Calendars for One-on-One Tutorials – our experts are by your side every step of the way to make sure you are profitable!

  1. Randall Knaak: ([email protected])
    • Randall is a former public school teacher and one of the first users of OddsJam. He made $15,000 with OddsJam in three months and was our first employee. Here’s his tutorial and breakdown of how he made $15,000 part-time with OddsJam as a public school teacher:
  2. Bob LoGrasso: ([email protected])
    • Current OddsJam user
  3. Mike LoGrasso: ([email protected])
    • Current OddsJam user

Join the OddsJam YouTube: We discuss profitable bets & betting strategies on a daily basis with real-time examples. See bets from us on a daily basis and the profit stack up! Ask questions, etc. Our goal is to help you win long-term.

Free OddsJam Mobile App for historical player prop research:

Out of State betting (e.g. you don’t have FanDuel / DraftKings):

Check if you have access to PrizePicks. This DFS platform is insanely profitable. Here’s a tutorial on PrizePicks:

Regardless, OddsJam has an exclusive, non-public plan for users in restricted locations without regulated sports betting (e.g. no DraftKings, FanDuel). This plan includes global sportsbooks, such as BOL. Practically every sportsbook in the world is on this exclusive plan. There are lots of profitable bets, deposit bonuses & promos on these global sportsbooks.

This plan is not publicly available to sign up for on the OddsJam website, as we limit the number of customers on this plan. Email us / text us to learn more – [email protected] or (309) 324-4244. This plan will help make you big profits from sports betting, regardless of your location.

OddsJam Tool #1: Positive EV

Positive EV bets are just profitable bets. Honestly, that’s really all they are – just data-driven, mathematically profitable bets. OddsJam is processing millions of odds in real time to find these bets for you. The stock market returns roughly 8% year over year (on average), and, with Positive EV betting, you can earn returns of over 3% every single day.

I know our Positive EV tool can be overwhelming at first, so let’s break it down.

  1. Always place the bet in bold with a circle around it (below its Twins -1.5 +188 odds).
  2. Your profit margin is under the “Percent” Column. Here, the profit margin is 5.91%. So betting on Twins -1.5 at +188 odds would have an ROI of $5.91 per $100 wagered over the course of long run.
  3. The “OddsJam” line shows you real-time odds from the sharpest bookmaker in the world, Pin. They’re only giving you +161 odds on Twins -1.5 run line….and we’re getting +188 on FanDuel. That’s why this bet is ridiculously profitable. Learn more about the sharpest sportsbook here.
  4. The “No Vig Odds” (also called fair odds or true odds) is the “true price” for this wager. Here it is +171.92. We’re getting +188 on FanDuel, so we’re getting better odds than the “true odds.” That’s why this bet is profitable. This bet has value or edge which is what we’re always looking for as a sports bettor!

Here’s a full-length video tutorial on Positive EV betting if you’re more of a visual learner 🙂

To be clear, most bets are not Positive EV. That’s why sportsbooks are in business and most sports bettors lose money. However, OddsJam finds the 0.01% of betting opportunities that are actually profitable (e.g. where a sportsbook is giving odds that are too good to be true).

An Analogy on Positive EV Betting

Imagine there’s a coin – 60% to land on heads, 40% to land on tails. You’re flipping it with a friend for $100. Which side do you want to be on? You’re probably thinking “Of course Heads, it’s more likely to win.” That’s basically the concept of Positive EV betting. It’s not much more complicated. Just like flipping the coin with “Heads” has an edge, every Positive EV bet has an “edge” over the sportsbooks.

What Your Profit Will Look Like:

You won’t win every bet. You won’t win every day. That’s not Positive EV betting. However, you’ll win in the long run because you have the mathematical “edge”. You can see a review of the OddsJam Positive EV tool below. There are thousands online just like this, but I can’t make this email too long. You’ll win some days, lose others, but you’ll be guaranteed to make money in the long run since you have the mathematical edge.

This is what your profit & loss will look like with Positive EV betting. Positive EV betting is all about the power of compound interest – daily returns over 3%.

Positive EV betting is essentially forming your own hedge fund of mathematically profitable bets. Every bet has an “edge,” or profit margin. Not every bet will win, but over the course of the long run, you’ll be guaranteed to make money!

Placing 10+ profitable bets per day, watching the games and knowing I’m going to win in the long run brings a lot of joy to my life (as well as money!).

Example of a good bet:

Check out this bet below. Under 1.5 total rounds in Dustin Stolzfus vs Dwight Grant at +180 odds on WynnBet. The profit margin is 4.2%. No other sportsbook is giving us above +160, and we’re getting +180 on WynnBet. Just a simple sanity check, looking at the betting market, it’s clear that this is a good bet.

It’s like if a baseball card is being bought/sold between $100 and $120 online. If you can sell that baseball card for $150, then it just makes sense. If you can buy that baseball card for $50, then it just makes sense. You’re using real-time market data to make informed betting decisions that are rational, rooted in math, and have an “edge” to the betting market. That’s how you make money sports betting – you look for value and line discrepancies.

Arbitrage Tool

I know it sounds too good to be true, but the Arbitrage Tool shows you how to make risk-free money sports betting. And, yes, it’s possible.

How does arbitrage exist?

It’s a market inefficiency. Since sportsbooks want to be unique, they set odds independently. When sportsbooks have major pricing discrepancies, you can bet on equal and opposite outcomes and earn a risk-free return (e.g. over 6.5 strikeouts on FanDuel, under 6.5 strikeouts on DraftKings).

Arbitrage is rare and practically impossible to find without software. However, with OddsJam updating millions of odds every second, it is possible to grow your bankroll risk-free with arbitrage betting. About 0.001% of odds on sportsbooks are arbitrage bets. OddsJam will find them for you 🙂

If you’re more of a visual learner, here’s a good video on arbitrage betting with examples:

How do I know how much to bet?

The OddsJam Arbitrage Tool has a calculator icon that will show you exactly how much to wager on each sportsbook and what your risk-free profit will be.

Why isn’t everybody retired off arbitrage betting?

First, arbitrage betting can be tough. These are market inefficiencies, so you need to move fast. Arbitrage bets won’t last forever. Some last less than 90 seconds. It is critical for you to learn how to navigate the sportsbooks quickly to get in on arbitrage bets. Most OddsJam arbitrage bettors have sportsbooks open (& logged into) on one screen, and they’re constantly refreshing OddsJam. You’re essentially day-trading sports markets.

Second, you never know when the best arbitrage bets will occur. They often occur when sportsbooks first post odds for an upcoming day or after player injuries (e.g. when lines are changing). Some of the best arbitrage bets I’ve hit were at 2 am. Others have been at 2 pm. The more you use OddsJam, the more arbitrage bets you will hit, and the more risk-free money you’ll make. Using the tools more = more profits for yourself. That goes for Positive EV betting as well.

Low Holds Tool

The Low Holds tool has 3 main purposes: deposit bonuses, reward credits and VIP programs.

Let’s start with deposit bonuses. Many sportsbooks offer deposit bonuses with “playthroughs.” The Low Holds page finds you bets that are optimal for playing through deposit bonuses. Here’s a good video on deposit bonuses:

Next, we have VIP programs. Some sportsbooks, such as DraftKings & WynnBet, offer VIP programs to the highest volume bettors. I’ve gotten seemingly free trips to Vegas + extremely profit promos. Here are some pictures. Insane.

Finally, we have reward credits. Many sportsbooks, including DraftKings, WynnBet & Caesars, offer reward credits. The more you bet, the more you earn. It nearly always makes sense to bet every 0% low hold for this reason. If you have questions about sportsbook rewards, email us at [email protected]! We’re happy to help or give you a tutorial.

My WynnBet Rewards are here. Whenever I get to $2,500 rewards credits, I typically take a free trip to Vegas at the Wynn – free rooms, unlimited free dinners, etc. Not bad… The more bets you place on WynnBet, the more free credits & comp dollars you accumulate.

Caesars is here. Reward credits can be redeemed for site credit. DraftKings has a similar program called “Crowns.” A myriad of other sportsbooks have rewards programs, too.

Free Bet Conversion

Free bets are a common form of sportsbook bonus. The OddsJam free bet conversion tools show you how to convert these free bets into cash at the highest possible rate. Here’s a video I highly recommend explaining free bet strategy:

Bet Tracker

How are you supposed to know if you’re a good sports bettor if you aren’t tracking your profit & loss and closing line value? You need to track your bets. The OddsJam Bet Tracker automatically tracks your CLV vs. the sharpest sportsbook in the world, as well as your profit and loss. I highly recommend this video:

Middle Betting Tool

Middle Bets are another profitable feature of OddsJam. Middles are essentially the low-risk, low-probability “lottery tickets” of sports betting. They can be extremely profitable for you, but they are less common than arbitrage bets and Positive EV bets.

Middle bets are a bit of a complex topic, so please take a few moments to watch this quick video by Alex about Middle Bets:

Reviews of OddsJam – there are thousands of them, but here’s a few.


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